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Institutional Faculty Development Program (IFDP) XIX



The Institutional Faculty Development Program (IFDP) is a comprehensive course that extends over nine months. It is offered once a year and accommodates faculty members from the Paul L. Foster School of Medicine, Gayle Greve Hunt School of Nursing, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Woody L. Hunt School of Dental Medicine, clinical faculty members of affiliated institutions, and community faculty. The IFDP is designed to help our faculty members understand the full range of academic responsibilities, enhance their teaching and assessment skills, develop the skills of scholarship, understand the steps of academic advancement and establish a network of colleagues.

To get the complete details of the program, please view the IFDP XIX Syllabus.

Target Audience

TTUHSC EP Institutional Faculty, Staff, community Faculty, and any interested health care provider (physicians, nurses, etc.) from affiliated institutions.

CME/CNE Credits

All of the eLearning activities are open via self-enrollment, and many of them will provide CME and CNE credit.

Self Enroll - Online Courses & Live Conferences

TTUHSC EP Faculty and Staff

Affiliated institutions health care providers (physicians, nurses, etc.)

Please self register through the following links:

Title Description Max CME/CNE Hours Link
Adult Teaching and Learning Course Intended to improve the process of creating your learning objectives, applying different learning formats (e.g., large group sessions, small group facilitation, team-based learning (TBL), role playing,clinical and bedside teaching), and developing and analyzing different types of learner assessment. 10 Enroll here
Building Quality Online Courses This course is a self-paced introduction that sets the foundation for creating a quality online course. This course covers a great deal of information that will help you in your course creation. 8 Enroll here
Teaching Quality Online Courses This short course provides introductory knowledge and skills for effective online teaching. There are two primary goals of this course. First, you will receive information about best practices that you will apply in your online classroom. Second, you will experience an online learning environment in the role of a student. 6 Enroll here
Accessing Library and Information Resources This course provides information on how to access and navigate the TTUHSC El Paso library website.  The IFDP participants will be instructed on how to use the EndNote Online, and Cite While You Write plugin in MS Word document, write copyright permissions, and identify predatory publishers. 6 Enroll here
Technology of eLearning at TTUHSC-EP This course serves as a guide to faculty and staff of TTUHSC El Paso in their efforts to begin, enhance, or increase the quality and effectiveness of remote instruction. This course consists of a compilation of resources and basic tips for distance education and serves as an example of course design in Canvas. 8 Enroll here

TTUHSC EP Faculty, Staff & Affiliated institutions health care providers (physicians, nurses, etc.)

Please self register through the following links:

Date Description CME/CNE Hours Link
10/14/2020 FDP 19: Learning Formats 1 Enroll here
10/21/2020 FDP 19: Distance Learning: Educational Overview 1 Enroll here
10/28/2020 FDP 19: Instructional Design for Effective Teaching 1 Enroll here