Departmental Faculty Development

Ignancio Montoya, M.D.

Jesus Peinado, M.D., assistant professor from the Department of Pediatrics, participated in the 2nd Annual Clinical Simulation Conference of West Texas: Bridging Education Gaps to Improve Patient Outcomes

The PLFSOM Departmental Faculty Development was established in 2013 and became invaluable in helping institutional faculty development to achieve its goals, departmental faculty development provides both junior and senior faculty with the tools to educate, train, supervise, facilitate, mentor, and evaluate different levels of learners. Candid and creative discussions with department chairs and faculty members about their responsibilities in educational, research, clinical, and service missions promote faculty advancement through a program targeted to the specific needs of the department. The program is delivered on site and focuses on clerkship, residency program and fellowship directors, faculty participating in teaching, as well as faculty undergoing tenure and promotion review. Its goal is to promote the individual and departmental research and scholarly productivity, and assist faculty in developing peer reviewed multimedia web-based learning tools and materials.

The goal of the departmental faculty development program is to improve the efficiency of undergraduate and graduate medical education, enhance clinical skills and competency of the faculty, increase the efficiency of inter-professional education and networking between clinical, medical education and biomedical science faculty, and improve collaboration with institutional faculty development and faculty mentoring programs. The overarching goal of the institutional faculty and departmental faculty development program is to nurture and cultivate faculty to become the next generation of academic leaders.