Digital Measures

Click Here: Digital Measures Activity Insight

Digital Measures Activity Insight completion is mandatory for all TTUHSC El Paso faculty members. Digital Measures is a fully customizable online information management system designed to organize and report faculty members’ teaching, research and service activities. Digital Measures eliminates periodic, recurring requests for information on faculty member’s teaching, research, and service activities. Digital Measures provides a single convenient place for faculty members to maintain their activity data, and can be accessed easily to generate reports.

User Guides/Roadmaps

  • Part I - General Information
  • Part II - Teaching 
  • Part III - Scholarship and Research
  • Part IV - Clinical Service
  • Part V - Academically Related Public Service 
  • Customizable Curriculum Vitae Tool

    The Digital Measures Curriculum Vitae (C.V.) Report Tool allows faculty members to create and customize their C.V. with their most up-to-date accomplishments.

    With just a few minutes of up-front configuration, faculty can build a customized, C.V. report template that will remember their settings and automatically pull in updated records from their Digital Measures profile each time they open or download a copy of their C.V. 

    Faculty members have the option to start with a pre-built sample C.V. which they can customize as needed, or they can create their own template from scratch.

    Click on the video below for a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the C.V. Report Tool. For a more detailed guide on the CV Report Tool, CLICK HERE


Proxy Authorization

A faculty member may elect to designate one proxy to assist in the data entry process. Access will be granted to the proxy user (usually an administrative assistant), who will be given rights to view and edit the faculty member’s profile. Faculty must sign an authorization form to grant this access. Faculty members are responsible for the content of their faculty profile even if a proxy has been designated.

For assistance please contact the Office of Faculty Affairs: