Faculty Wellness Assessment

The Faculty Wellness Assessment was launched in December, 2020! We invited TTUHSC El Paso faculty members to complete a brief and confidential survey to enable the Faculty Wellness Program to best meet the needs of the health and wellness of faculty. We thank everyone for taking the time to share their input in setting the priorities for the Faculty Wellness Program.

Why is this assessment important?

This assessment is an opportunity for our institution to learn about the current health status and lifestyle behaviors of faculty, and identify the needs/interests for health and wellness initiatives. The aggregate information will be used to make sound decisions for applying best practices into the work environment.

Survey confidentiality

The data was collected through the Faculty Wellness Program using the Qualtrics platform. The responses from the survey were completely confidential and had no identifiers that could link anyone to a specific department, unit, or office. The data collected will provide a snapshot of the faculty as a population.

Sharing the Data

We’ll be sharing the findings with all faculty and leadership upon completion of the analysis. The current Faculty Wellness Program Strategic Plan will be revised, as necessary, to reflect the priorities from the results of this survey.