Women in Medicine and Science Officers

Jennifer Molokwu, M.D., M.P.H.
Jennifer Molokwu, M.D., M.P.H.


Associate Professor
Director of Medical Student Education
Department of Family and Community Medicine

Silvina Tonarelli de Maud portrait
Silvina Tonarelli de Maud, M.D.


Associate Professor
Residency Program Director
Department of Psychiatry

Jessica Calderón-Mora, Dr.Ph.
Jessica Calderón-Mora, Dr.P.H.

Career Development Committee Chair

Assistant Professor
Department of Molecular and Translational Medicine

Shaked Laks portrait
Shaked Laks, M.D.

Career Development Committee Chair-Elect

Associate Professor
Medical Student Education Director
Department of Radiology

Jessica Chacon portrait
Jessica Chacon, Ph.D.

Research Collaborations Committee Chair

Assistant Professor
Department of Medical Education

Zainab Al Lawati portrait
Zainab Al Lawati, M.D., M.Ed.

Research Collaborations Committee Chair-Elect

Assistant Professor
Department of Surgery