Scholarships Make a Difference

Risheng Ye

Risheng Ye portrait picture

“I myself am a new immigrant to the U.S. and I am interested in learning about different cultures and serving patients from different backgrounds.”

In our student profile interview with third-year medical student Risheng Ye, he mentions his experience at TTUHSC El Paso has expanded his knowledge of other cultures.

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Jaime Carrillo

Jaime Carrillo portrait picture

I like that the Paul L. Foster School of Medicine puts a lot of emphasis on border health, and that involves medical Spanish in the curriculum. The faculty also allow us to work at different student-run clinics.”

In our student profile, third-year student Jaime Carrillo explains why he chose the Paul L. Foster School of Medicine.

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Valeria Varela

Valeria Varela portrait picture

“El Paso is my hometown, and I am very proud that our city has a medical school. It allows people like myself – with family here, and roots – to pursue higher education without leaving.”

Foster Scholar Valeria Varela is an El Paso native and second-year medical student. Read more in our student profile about why she decided to pursue a degree in medicine.

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Akhil Padarti

Akhil Padarti portrait picture

“My advice for a first-year student: Enjoy it while it lasts. You have this amazing opportunity to be inducted into the field of medicine. You're here for a reason and you will get through this.”

As we celebrate the Paul L. Foster School of Medicine’s 10th anniversary, fourth year medical student Akhil Padarti explains what he loves most about TTUHSC El Paso.

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Madeline Dixon

Madeline Dixon portrait picture

“The Foster Scholarship will allow me to graduate from medical school debt-free. I have more options with pursuing my medical career and can choose a residency and specialty program based on what I am passionate about, free from financial constraints.”

As we celebrate the Paul L. Foster School of Medicine’s 10th anniversary, second-year medical student Madeline Dixon looks back at her medical school journey and the road ahead.

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Jesus Gutierrez

Jesus Gutierrez portrait picture

“…I realized that one of my passions was engaging the community to help improve it. I have always enjoyed life sciences, so I felt becoming a physician was the best combination”

Jesus Gutierrez,M.D., graduated from the Paul L. Foster School of Medicine in May 2019.
As a physician, Jesus plans on advocating for better education and better health for his family, friends and community.

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Jesus A. Guzman

Picture of Jesus Guzman along with his infant daughter.

“I was so inspired by the ceremony and by what the field of medicine meant – I just knew then and there that’s what I wanted to do for the rest of my life,”

Jesus A. Guzman’s life changed in 2010, when he witnessed the White Coat Ceremony for the Paul L. Foster School of Medicine for the first time.

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