Clinic Appointment

Appointments with the Department of Neurology require a referral. All referrals are reviewed promptly by the Chairman, with the purpose of establishing urgency based on the information provided. Referrals considered urgent will be given a priority appointment. Non-urgent referrals will be given next available appointment status. We cannot always determine how long the appointment list is, as this depends on the availability of our providers. The level of priority is highly dependent on the information provided in the referral; thus, it is extremely important that the referring physician enters the reason for referral and as much information as possible about the problem.

Incomplete referrals will be returned to the patient’s referring physician. Referrals from specialists require an additional PCP referral. Please be informed that we do not provide medical opinions for legal cases or worker’s compensation evaluations or Pediatric Neurology Services.

Once the referral is reviewed, a staff member from the Department will call to inform the patient of the status of his/her appointment. Please be informed that if the patient’s insurance requires an authorization for the visit, an appointment will not be made until the authorization has been approved and received by our office.

A patient or doctor’s office may scan or fax the following documents to facilitate the referral process.

  1. Reason for the referral (must include diagnosis or the question that the PCP expects us to resolve)
  2. All past medical records
  3. Any studies done to back up diagnosis (particularly MRI or CT SCANs); should be brought in prior to the first appointment
  4. Medication list (must be included)
  5. Name of patient, date of birth, insurance information. and patient’s phone number

Please note that patients are responsible for ensuring that a referral and an authorization is obtained prior to coming in for their appointment.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Department of Neurology

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