Morning rounds

You are expected to round every morning with your assigned team. The first column of your general schedule tells you which service you will be rounding on. Rounds generally begin between 5:45 and 6:00 a.m. with the intern. The time that you have to arrive will depend on the patient volume. After the first day you can ask the intern what time they would like you to show up. DO NOT arrive late. You are expected to see at least two patients during morning rounds and be prepared to present if the faculty asks.

Rounds Hospital Floor Charts Labels
CNM 3rd White
Antepartum 3rd (sometimes 4th) Yellow
Comp OB 3rd (sometimes 4th) Orange or Orange and White
Gynecology 5th (sometimes 6th) Look for "GYN" patients on the roster at the front desk. Get the room numbers. The patients charts will be outside the room.

ALL patients that you see MUST be checked out with a resident. If time and your clinical skills permit you may and are encouraged to see more patients on morning rounds.


The following clinics are held in the Clinical Building on the second floor. The clinic is divided into four areas: the residents clinics (blue pod); specialty clinics (yellow pod); oncology clinics (green pod); faculty clinics (pink pod). You must be in clinic no later than 8 a.m. (for morning clinics) and 1 p.m. (for afternoon clinics).

Each students schedule reflects one of these services per week for which the student will experience and learn about outpatient low risk and high risk OB patients as new, follow-up, or referred patients. As well as gynecologic and oncologic outpatient care to include well woman visits, problem visits, diagnostic workups, colposcopy, and other procedures.

Labor and Delivery

Your experience on L&D will be divided into two facets: one week of day duties and one week of night duties (to include triage).

While on days, you are expected to see and participate in all aspects of normal labor and deliveries. Your responsibilities include but are not limited to: performing history and physical exams, laboratory evaluations, reviewing records and charts, and following the patient through her labor while acting as a support person and delivering babies under the direct supervision of a resident or an attending physician.

While on nights, the above responsibilities are the same but you will round on and present the antepartum patients. You are also asked to accompany any senior resident to the emergency room for any emergency gynecologic patients. You will also see any patients in triage while on this service.