R.E. Thomason General Hospital

University Medical Center is TTUHSC El Paso's primary teaching facility. UMC is an acute care, non-profit facility staffed by faculty physicians and residents. It is one of the largest medical facilities on the U.S./Mexico border.

Some of the hospital's numbers include:

  • 3,500 deliveries per year
  • 2,000 major gynecologic surgeries per year
  • 405 minor gynecologic surgeries per year
  • Level III nursery
  • Level I trauma center
  • 396 beds
  • 15,000 admissions per year
  • 61,800 emergency room visits per year
  • 2,600 trauma cases evaluated and managed per year

Our clinics are located adjacent to the University Medical Center. It is here where faculty and residents provide care to patients requiring gynecologic and obstetrical services. We have approximately 34,000 clinic visits per year. The clinics are divided into general OB, general GYN, private faculty, nurse midwives, and subspecialties. We offer specialized services including high-risk obstetrics, prenatal diagnosis and ultrasound, urodynamics evaluations, colposcopy and others. We perform cryosurgery and laser LEEP.

We provide services at:

Texas Tech Physicians of El Paso at Alberta
4801 Alberta Avenue
El Paso, TX  79905

Texas Tech Physicians of El Paso at Transmountain
2000 Transmountain Road
El Paso, TX  79911

Texas Tech Physicians of El Paso at Kenworthy
9849 Kenworthy St.
El Paso, TX 79924

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