Resident Life and Wellness

Resident Retreat

The Department will hold a half-day weekend retreat on a weekend in the fall for faculty and residents. The location will vary each year, with food and drink provided by the program and/or pot-luck. The Associate Program Director, Dr. Abadie, will host the first event starting in 2024. Topics and activities for each retreat will be developed between the Program and Associate Program Directors with input from other faculty members. The retreat is designed to provide a relaxed environment for residents and faculty to interact and discuss topics related to the program and our residents’ professional progression.

The first part of each retreat will be dedicated to a round-table discussion where each resident discusses one unexpected learning experience from one of their pathology block rotations. An outcome goal will be for the group to identify how their learning experience was beneficial, educational, and how this experience may have helped identify strengths or weaknesses in the residents and/or program.

The second part of the retreat will be a discussion led by one of the faculty on a topic related to resident professional & educational development. Topics will include areas such as board exam essentials, identifying specialty fellowships after residency, diplomatic essentials for working with different departments and health care providers during residency and beyond, and others.

The final portion of the retreat will be for each resident to identify one of their personal or professional goals that they would like to work towards for the subsequent academic year and provide one way they plan to accomplish this goal.