Residency Program

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Our vision is to train residents in the needs of socially and culturally diverse border populations through excellence in integrated education, research and patient care. We aim to educate our residents to be leaders in advocacy through our unique border health experiences. We aim to produce physicians who are lifelong learners and will utilize skills learned in residency to improve one's own success as well as the health of their patients.

The mission of the TTUHSC El Paso Pediatric Residency Program is to produce competent pediatricians who are culturally aware and able to advocate for their patients. We achieve this by serving a culturally and economically diverse patient population that spans two countries. This allows the residents to see a wide variety of diseases, including those that are unique to our region.

Our hospital is literally on the border of the U.S. and Mexico. We can see Juarez from the hospital! Our unique location provides a one-of-a-kind experience for our pediatric residents. We see a diverse population and diseases. Our patients are loving, and we care about them deeply. Our Border Health and Advocacy focuses on disparities within the border as well as provides opportunities for our residents to be advocates for our families. Our border health team is excited to share their experiences and make you love El Paso, Texas, like we do!