Professionalism Stories

Professionalism Survey

The Paul L. Foster School of Medicine is committed to creating an environment that encourages and celebrates the highest standards of professionalism among all of its members—faculty, residents, students, and staff. It is important to congratulate each other when we observe exemplary acts of professionalism and give each other feedback when we observe behaviors that don't conform to desired professional standards. In the spirit of celebration, we are now collecting stories of professionalism. This form allows you to share your stories about observed instances of highly professional behavior and those where professionalism falls short. All of our community members (regardless of position or department) are invited to share their experiences. Simply sign in with your eraider password, complete the form and hit the submit button.

Stories, both positive and negative should be serious (not frivolous), first hand observations (not based on hearsay or innuendo). The person submitting the story should recognize that positive and negative stories have an impact on peoples' lives. Please maintain professional integrity when deciding to tell your story. PLFSOM enforces the policy of non-retaliation for stories submitted in good faith.

Concerns about egregious behavior should be reported directly to a supervisor not through this mechanism (such as sexual harassment, patient safety, violence or evidence of substance abuse).

Who is going to know I submitted this story?
While we hope that you want everyone to know you submitted your story, we know that won't always be the case; all reports are therefore confidential. The individuals who see your name will be the director of assessment and evaluation, the supervisor and the appropriate associate dean as defined in the following table. Your name won't be revealed to the person or persons in the story until it is discussed with you.

What happens with my story?
Stories of our successes will be shared with the community. A copy will go to the individual whose actions demonstrate the best of our professionalism values in action. A sample of these stories will be sent to the entire community after obtaining permission of those mentioned in the story.

Stories that record events where professionalism fell short go to the relevant supervisor. Quarterly reports with the names of the reporter and reportee are forwarded to the relative Associate Dean to track the institution's response.

Professionalism Reporting Implementation Plan

The Office of Medical Education’s associate director for program evaluation will be responsible for monitoring the reporting system. 

Story submitted by or about: Copy of story sent to designated supervisor: Quarterly Report sent to:
Student College Master Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Resident Program Director Associate Dean for GME
Faculty Department Chair Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs and Development
Staff Department Administrator Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs
Associate Dean Dean .
Dean President .

Professionalism Stories Quarterly Report

Name of Recipient(s) (person described in the story) Submitted by: Date Submitted: Reported to:(2 lines for each report as the reporter and reportee's supervisor would receive this) Positive or Negative (P/N) What Happened with the information given?

Positive reports will be provided to the individual and, in the case of students, automatically placed in their portfolio. The supervisor or associate dean(s) will decide if any other forms of recognition are appropriate.

Negative reports will be discussed with the involved person. The supervisor will use his/her/their discretion in deciding to reveal the reporting party, with the presumptive priority of protecting the reporter from reprisals. The reporter must be notified prior to their name being revealed. In instances where action is required (sexual harassment, discrimination, etc.), the supervisor or associate dean(s) will follow institutional policies that address these issues