Career Planning Services

Choosing a medical specialty is a critical but often difficult decision for students to make. Although many students enter medical school with ideas about their future specialty, most will change their minds before graduation. Career planning is very important and should begin in Year 1.

The Student Affairs Office and staff also provides individual career advising. Students are encouraged to meet with their advisor or Student Affairs Deans or staff to discuss career plans. Other career advising resources include, College Masters, Faculty career advisors, Class meetings, and Student Interest Groups. Here is the link to faculty advisors

The best place to discover different fields is through Careers in Medicine (CiM), see website at This program sponsored by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) is a longitudinal program of career exploration and decision-making that spans all four years of the medical curriculum. The program is designed for students to use on their own, but is enhanced by students working with faculty advisors and Student Affairs officers. Students are given access to the Careers in Medicine (CiM) website that includes sections entitled Understanding Yourself, Exploring Options, Choosing a Specialty, and Getting into a Residency.

Office of Financial Aid and Active Military Reserve

Students need to be proactive when it comes to funding their medical education. The Office of Financial Aid will assist you in these endeavors and provide information on how keep medical school debt under control. See  for more information for the different types of financial aid, entrance counseling, emergency loans or what to do in case of changes in enrollment such as leave of absence, withdrawals or tuition refund requests.

For any questions regarding financing medical school, please contact Ron Williams, Director of Financial Aid at 915-215-6641 or or Araceli Moreno, Lead Advisor at 915-215-5602 or email her

Active/Military Reserve

We appreciate the service and sacrifice of our veterans. The Veterans Affairs Office is here to assist our students with their VA educational benefits, both federal and state. We are here to ensure that all the necessary documents are submitted to the Department of Veterans Affairs and to certify students' enrollment. Please contact the Financial Aid Coordinator, Araceli Moreno at 915-215-5602 or visit our website at

Students must complete the VA Benefit request form at the beginning of each semester: