Stay Connected

Class Meetings

The Office of Student Affairs sponsors periodic meetings for each class. These meetings are typically held during lunch and are an opportunity for students to address concerns and questions in a public forum. Important information about USMLE, policy changes, or other topics is often presented. Students are required to attend in order to keep current with issues that affect them.


All communication with the faculty and staff at PLFSOM must go through your institutional ( email address. We expect that you will check your institutional email account daily for important information. It is the student’s responsibility to respond appropriately and in a timely manner to all school-related notices sent to them by email, regular mail, or other means.


Students may use self-service copiers are located in the Student Affairs Offices in rooms 1210 B and 1210 E as well as in both libraries.


Each student also has their own E-portfolio, which is a repository of your unit grades, final grades, projects, reflections and career planning tools. You will receive further orientation from IT about this important tool.

Mailing Addresses

Students must keep their local mailing addresses updated on the WebRaider Student Portal, in the Student Information Section click on Student Addresses and Phones at

Student Email

Students are required to use their school-assigned email addresses to receive official communications from the PLFSOM and TTUHSC El Paso and are encouraged to check their email at least daily. Students are responsible for responding promptly to any official emails and are also responsible for any information transmitted via official email. Technical questions concerning email may be directed to the Information Technology Help Desk (915-215-4111). Noncompliance could result in receiving a professionalism event card, a failed grade if a required graded activity was missed, or referral to GPC Committee on Grading and Promotions.