Concealed Handguns Policy

Please read HSC OP: 10.30 Regulations for the carrying of concealed handguns by license holders at the following link:

It is the responsibility of a handgun license holder to be knowledgeable of the applicable laws and procedures governing the possession of concealed handguns.

Restricted areas:

  • designated research areas
  • designated medical areas
  • other areas temporarily posted as allowed by Penal Code Sections 46.03 and 035

  1. Taken from Institutional Student Handbook: TTUHSC El Paso will comply with all necessary laws and regulatory requirements regarding safety and security on its campuses;
  2. Within reasonable effort, TTUHSC El Paso will create an environment in which all stakeholders can conduct their business with a sense of personal and collective safety and security;
  3. TTUHSC El Paso will communicate safety policies to stakeholders through all appropriate means.