Policy for Student Clearance in Clinics and Hospitals

  1. All PLFSOM students must complete certain requirements in order to attend clinic or hospital assignments during their medical school curriculum whether in the TTP El Paso clinics, University Medical Center of El Paso or community clinics through the SCI course. This also applies to volunteer activities that occur in these locations (through student interest groups).

    MS1 - Each student must complete the following prior to the first day of orientation:
    • Immunizations as required by clinical affiliates (updated yearly)
    • Basic Cardiac Life Support Certification
    • Community Wide Orientation
    • Evidence of Health Insurance coverage
    • Criminal Background check
    • Campus Clarity

    MS2, 3 and 4s
    • Yearly update of TB skin test
    • BCLS recertification – if expired
    • Community Wide Orientation
    • Annual HIPAA online training
    • Evidence of Health Insurance coverage
    • Annual influenza vaccine in the fall
    • Drug Screen (prior to Year 3)

  2. Consequences of non-compliance:
    If a student fails to meet the requirements as outlined above they would not be allowed to attend any clinical activities. Missing activities because of noncompliance would be an unexcused absence. The student may receive a negative grading consequence.

    With the second episode of noncompliance, a notation citing their poor professionalism would be placed in their file. This could be included in the MSPE at graduation in regards to professional attributes.

    A third episode of noncompliance would require the student be discussed at the Grading and Promotion Committee for lack of professionalism. (See GPAS policy on how professionalism can impact progression in the curriculum).

    Noncompliance with administrative duties can be predictive of future issues in professionalism. A student is expected to respond to reminder emails. If a student fails to complete the tasks by the established deadline, they are considered noncompliant and lacking in professionalism.