Objective: Increase B.S.N. enrollment by 182 students, with 50% or more Hispanic student enrollment, to reach a total enrollment of 450 by Fall 2025.

Objective 2: Increase the graduation rate of B.S.N. students from 81.7% to 86.7% (1% net gain per year) by Fall 2025.

Objective 3: Stabilize NCLEX pass rates to an average of 90% or greater over a three-year period by Fall 2025.

Objective 4: Develop and offer faculty development programs focused on pedagogy and cultural competency. Assess efficacy of these programs.

Objective 5: Expand the number of Hispanic and other underrepresented graduate and professional students who can be served by the institution by expanding courses and institutional resources. Increase the number of M.S.N. students to 40 by Fall 2025.