Entrance Counseling

Determine Entrance Interview Completion

First-time Financial Aid Recipients

  • If you have never received any type of financial aid at TTUHSC EL Paso, then you are classified as a first-time financial aid recipient and must complete a financial aid entrance interview. To accomplish this, students should go to the StudentLoans.gov website and follow the prompts.
  • No disbursements will take place until all complete promissory notes are received by the Student Financial Services office.

Continuing Financial Aid Recipients

  • If you have received financial aid in a previous year at TTUHSC EL Paso , you are classified as a continuing financial aid recipient and are NOT required to complete the financial aid entrance interview. However, any continuing students who wish to complete an entrance interview may do so by visiting the StudentLoans.gov website. Please note that you must still complete, sign, and return all applicable promissory notes and Truth-in-Lending Statements.
  •  Ready to Complete Online Entrance Interview?