Constitution and Bylaws of the Graduate Student Association

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Article I. Name

The name of this organization shall be the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Graduate Student Association (hereafter referred to as the Graduate Student Association or GSA).


Article II. Purpose

To support our local community in the development of young minds in the field of science, provide support and camaraderie among students, and to facilitate communication between students and faculty.


Article III. Membership

  1. Members
    1. Any student attending the TTUHSC El Paso GSBS will automatically be a registered member in the GSA.
      1. This includes master’s and post-baccalaureate students.
  2. Responsibilities of Membership
    1. Members must be present for at least the following three GSA meetings:
      1. Welcome - new students
      2. Research colloquium preparation
      3. Election
    2. Members must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.00 on a 4.0 scale per academic semester.
    3. Members must complete at least 20 hours of community service per semester.
  3. Privileges of Membership
    1. Members are each entitled to one vote per officer position at the electoral meeting.
    2. Members are each able to run for an executive office position.
    3. Members shall be entitled to all services and participation in functions of the association. However, if a service or function is limited to a certain amount of participants, priority will be given to members who show the greatest commitment as determined by the executive committee (i.e., consistent attendance at meetings, events, etc.)
  4. Active Members
    1. Members who participate for 80 percent of the available GSA member-hours are to be considered for GSA active member chords.
      1. Events to be considered are GSA meetings, journal clubs, and other events related to GSA activities.


Article IV. Officers-Executive Committee

  1. Titles
    The society shall have the following officers elected from the current membership:
    1. President
    2. Vice President
    3. Secretary
    4. Treasurer
    5. Public Relations Director
    6. Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Senators (four)
  2. Qualifications
    1. To run for office, a member must be in good standing with the GSA.
    2. A member must be in good academic standing, having a minimum GPA of 3.0.
      1. Failure to maintain the minimum GPA will result in office removal; nominations will be held for the vacant office position.
  3. Duties of Officers
    1. President:
      1. Sees that the GSA operates in accordance with TTUHSC El Paso’s operating policies and procedures.
      2. Ensures the execution of the responsibilities of the Executive Committee and coordinates the activities of the GSA officers, as listed.
      3. Establishes, with the approval of the Executive Committee, temporary offices and committees, as necessary, to ensure efficiency in the operation of the GSA.
      4. Serves as an ex-officio member on all committees.
      5. Serves as the chair of the Executive Committee, and in the event of a tie, serves as the tie breaker.
      6. Presides over all meetings of the GSA.
      7. Represents the GSBS student body at appropriate TTUHSC El Paso business and social functions or appoints a representative to do so.
      8. Meets with the Dean of GSBS at the end of the academic term to give a report and receive feedback on progress of the organization.
      9. Meets with the Director of Student Services and confirms that all documentation required by Student Services is completed and submitted on time throughout the fiscal year.
      10. Welcomes new GSBS graduate students at every fall orientation, informs them of their GSA membership, and delivers a copy of the GSA constitution and amendments.
        1. Distributes the constitution (every two years) and funding guidelines to GSA members annually.

    2. Vice President
      1. Assists the President in his/her duties.
      2. Acts as President in his/her absence.
      3. Chairs and oversees special assignments, as assigned.
      4. Acts as a liaison for the student research colloquium.
      5. Acts as a guest speaker liaison.

    3. Secretary
      1. Maintains an accurate membership list.
      2. Records the minutes of all GSA meetings and distributes them to all graduate students and the GSA Advisor.
      3. Maintains up-to-date records of all business conducted by the association.
      4. Responsible for producing and distributing meeting agendas at least 24 hours in advance, along with reminders for meetings.
      5. Maintains attendance records of all GSA meetings.
      6. Ensures that information on the GSA website is updated.
      7. Distributes information to members, including emails and texts.
      8. Responsible for all correspondence directed toward the organization (e.g., emails, post mail, etc.).
      9. Serves as Journal Club Coordinator for the GSA.
        1. Schedules students and guest speakers to present at Journal Club meetings.
        2. Advertises Journal Club meetings.
        3. Maintains attendance records of all Journal Club meetings.

    4.  Treasurer
      1. Collects all monies intended for the organization (e.g., fundraising, donations, etc.).
      2. Adheres to the budget.
      3. Reports on financial matters to the Advisor, Officers, and association.
      4. Keeps accurate records of finances.
      5. Has primary access to the association’s bank account.
      6. Responsible for the financial stability of the association.
      7. Submits a financial report to the Executive Committee at the conclusion of each school semester.
      8. Audits the books with the help of the Advisor and President at the end of his/her term.

    5. Public Relations and Community Service Director
      1. Records the association’s activities, events, and functions through media.
      2. Responsible for putting together a scrapbook and/or multimedia presentation displaying the organization’s activities every three months.
      3. Responsible for newsletters, informing Institutional Advancement of potential Tech View articles, and any other media communication.
      4. Organizes and publicizes GSA membership participation in community service events sponsored by the GSA, as well as events in collaboration with the Student Government Association (SGA).
      5. May organize events for members of the GSA with money raised by the GSA and kept in the GSBS Student Association Fund account.

    6. Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Senators
      1. Number of senators is determined by the TTUHSC El Paso SGA Constitution and Bylaws (two from each class).
      2. Serve as the GSBS representatives for the SGA.
      3. Fulfills all duties of the position of Senator as outlined in the SGA Constitution and Bylaws.
      4. Distributes GSA meeting minutes to members.
      5. May be called to attend Executive Committee meetings.

  4. Terms of Office
    1. Each newly elected officer shall take office the fall after they are elected.
    2. Officers will hold their positions until new officers are elected.

  5. Vacancies and Removals from Office
    1. Failure to meet duties of office without reasonable cause shall be grounds for removal from office.
    2. The Vice President shall fill any vacancy in the office of the President. If the Vice President is unable to serve as President, an election for the position of President will be held at an electoral meeting.
    3. A vacancy in the office of the Vice President shall result in an election for the vacant position.
    4. No current officer may run for office to fill a vacancy of another officer.
    5. Any officer, including the President, may be removed from office or suspended from office by a vote of two-thirds of the total official membership at a regular meeting. Removal or suspension must be with justifiable cause. The person under consideration for removal or suspension of office shall be given an opportunity to be heard at the meeting, with sufficient notice of the proposed removal or suspension. Upon a successful vote of removal or suspension of the President, the Vice President shall preside at the meeting. This applies to any executive officer.


Article V. Meetings

  1. Meetings
    1. Executive Committee meetings shall be held bi-monthly, as determined by the officers.
      1. The Secretary records minutes for every meeting.
    2. General meetings of the GSA will be held at the beginning of each month at times decided upon by the officers
      1. These meetings will serve one of the following purposes:
        1. Update students on volunteer and social events.
        2. Assign membership for Journal Club.
        3. Recruit committee members.
        4. Elect officers.
      2. All officers will give a report at each meeting.
    3. New motions or items of business to be voted on must be submitted to the President to be placed on the agenda prior to the next executive meeting.

  2. Electoral Meeting
    1. Shall be held toward the end of the fall semester to conduct elections for officer positions.
    2. Special electoral meetings shall be held as deemed necessary by the Executive Committee.


ARTICLE VI. Activities

  1. Activities including, but are not limited to:
    1. Community service activities
    2. Journal Club
    3. Student Research Week
    4. Fundraising events

  2. Journal Club
    1. Provides a forum for GSA members and guests to give presentations on scientific and related subjects to other GSA members and guests.
    2. It is mandatory that all second-year graduate students to present a Journal Club article.
    3. Community service hours for presenting and questionnaires will be given based on the following rubric:
      1. Maximum community service hours given for presentation is 5.
      2. Maximum community service hours given for questionnaire is 3.
      3. Service hours may be appealed through a written form, which will then be reviewed for approval or denial of additional hours by the Secretary and Community Service Director.


Article VII. Election Process

  1. Nominations
    1. Members can nominate any other member for office position.
    2. Members wishing to run for office shall make their intention known.
    3. Members are able to run for multiple offices, but are prohibited from holding more than one officer position. Members nominated to office should prepare a platform speech listing their intent, as well as any previous experience or qualifications that would make them suitable for the position.
    4. Members nominated have the right to politely decline nomination.

  2. Voting Procedure
    1. Members shall vote for officers through a secret ballot.
    2. Members can cast only one vote for each officer position.
    3. In the event of a tie between candidates, candidates of the tie will be allowed to address the organization before a second ballot.
    4. A candidate must win by majority of the ballots in order to be elected.

  3. Election Results
    1. Immediately after the electoral meeting, the Advisor or his/her designee shall count the ballots.
    2. Results shall be announced immediately after the ballots have been tabulated.


Article VIII. Amendments

  1. These Bylaws may be amended by a vote of two-thirds of the members of the organization present at any regular meeting or at a special meeting called for that purpose. The members shall be notified of adopted Bylaw amendments by the most feasible means.