Student Support Center

A campus-based community of mental health care for TTUHSC El Paso students and residents available without additional cost or insurance requirements.

Enrolled students and current residents may call the number below or submit an email (provide name, availability and contact number) to make an appointment. Drop-in support is available 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday - Friday.

Phone: 915-215-TALK (8255)
Email: support.elp@ttuhsc.eduLocation: MSBII Suite 2C201

The Student Support Center provides short-term counseling and consultation to students and residents who are experiencing emotional and psychological problems that interfere with their ability to be successful in the learning environment and/or with their individual personal development. Our purpose is not to provide intense treatment for severe, chronic, or long-term mental illness or mental health problems. In the event that some students/residents require services not offered by the SSC, counselors will assist in finding the most appropriate source of help and refer students/residents to campus or community resources.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to use the SSC for consultation related to student difficulties; however, counseling services for staff and faculty are provided by the Employee Assistance Program.


Information shared by individuals in a counseling session or attendance at the SSC is kept in strict confidence. Information is never disclosed outside of the SSC without written permission, with the exception of the following:

  • Abuse of Children, Elderly, or Disabled Persons:
    • If counselors have reason to believe that a child under the age of 18, an elderly person, or a disabled person is being abused or neglected, they are legally obligated to report this situation to the appropriate state agency.
  • Imminent Harm to Self:
    • If counselors have reason to believe that you are in danger of physically harming yourself, and if you are unwilling or unable to follow treatment recommendations, they may have to make an involuntary referral to a hospital and/or contact a family member or another person who may be able to help protect you.
  • Imminent Harm to Others:
    • If counselors have reason to believe that you are seriously threatening physical violence against another person, or if you have a history of physically violent behavior, and if they believe that you are an actual threat to the safety of another person, they may take action (i.e., contacting the police, notifying the other person, seeking involuntary hospitalization, or some combination of these actions) to ensure that the other person is protected.
  • Reports of Sexual Exploitation by a Therapist
  • Court Orders for Records Release, Depositions, Testimony

Please Note: The exceptions to confidentiality are extremely rare. Should this occur, it is SSC policy, when possible, to discuss with you any action that is being considered. Legally the SSC is not obligated to seek your permission, especially if such a discussion would prevent us from securing your safety or the safety of others. Should the disclosure of confidential information become necessary, only the information necessary to protect you and/or another person's physical safety is released.