Shuttle Etiquette Reminders

The Office of Vehicle Fleet Management would like to extend a few reminders to students, faculty and staff using TTUHSC El Paso shuttles.

Shuttle Boarding Etiquette

Please follow these do’s and don’ts:

  • Do always be courteous to others when boarding the shuttle.
  • Don’t push your way to the front of the boarding line when the shuttle arrives.
  • Do board the shuttle in order of arrival. Form a line if necessary.
  • Don’t cut in line with a coworker when arriving late or allow a coworker to join your place in line if you did not arrive together.
  • Do arrive 5-10 minutes earlier than your anticipated departure time. You may need to wait for a second shuttle.
  • Don’t wait in your vehicle until the shuttle arrives and expect the shuttle to wait for you.


  • Always exercise common courtesy and refrain from using explicit language on the shuttles.
  • Take precautions. If you decide to walk, bring the right clothing, shoes and an umbrella, if needed.

Please direct any questions or concerns to the Office of Vehicle Fleet Management at 915-215-4296 or