Reminder: Electrical/Fire Safety in Individual Office Spaces

Dec. 9, 2020

As campus-wide moves take place due to new buildings and increased availability of office space, the Department of Safety Services would like to remind personnel about electrical/fire safety issues.

There has been a campus-wide effort to eliminate the existence of personal break rooms within individual office spaces. The presence and use of individual microwaves, coffee makers and other small appliances puts a strain on the electrical system, which can cause tripped circuits and create an increased fire risk.

In addition to the load on circuits, these appliances usually require the use of a multi-plug adapter/power strip to connect them to an outlet. This is a direct violation of the fire code, as those power strips are not approved as permanent wiring. Any electrical equipment must be plugged directly into an outlet. Only low-electrical demand items, such as computers and their peripherals, can be on a surge-protected power strip.

If you have any questions about electrical and fire safety, please contact Department of Safety Services Senior Director Calvin Shanks at