Title IX Reporting

Under the Texas Education Code, Section 51.253(c), the Chief Executive Officer of the institution shall submit an annual report of the data gathered via the Title IX Coordinator’s quarterly report to the institution’s governing body and post on the institution’s website. For the purposes of complying with the reporting requirements under Section 51.253(c), the attached written report includes all of the required reporting information for Texas Tech University, for the 2019-2020 academic year which includes statistics from June thru August, 2021.

HSC – El Paso
Reports Received by Employees under TEC, Section 51.252: HSC-El Paso
Office of Equal Opportunity has no cases to report for 09-01-2021 – 11-30-2021.
The Office of Title IX has no cases to report for 09-01-2021 thru 11-30-2021