We begin accepting applications September 6.  Applications are only accepted through ERAS.

You will be contacted via the ERAS portal to schedule an interview.

We do not have a medical school graduation cut-off date, but we prefer individuals who have graduated from medical school within the past 10 years. Gap years must be explained.

We do not require a minimum score to apply. We do a comprehensive review of your entire application and a holistic approach to every applicant’s credentials.

We will consider accepting EFMG sponsored J-1 visas on an individual basis for highly qualified candidates.

We accept six (6) residents per year.

Our residency program strictly adheres to ACGME residency work hour limits.  Our work hour policy is designed for an effective program structure that provides residents with educational and clinical opportunities promoting a resident’s growth as a family physician as well as reasonable opportunities to ensure the resident’s well-being.

All communications with the program should be sent through the ERAS ® portal only.