Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso / Hospitals of Providence Transmountain Campus Internal Medicine Residency Program

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With pleasure and great excitement, I welcome you to the Internal Medicine Residency Program at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso/The Hospitals of Providence Transmountain Campus. Our program provides a learning environment to nurture excellent clinical training, a comprehensive teaching curriculum and a broad spectrum of research and scholarly activities. Our program's culture aims to rejuvenate meaning in medicine through role modeling and curriculum design, to inspire our graduates to feel proud about serving our community as internists. The program's mission aligns with the organization's core values of diversity, inclusion and high-quality, compassionate care.


Our program has a total of 30 categorical resident positions. We match 10 interns each year. As a newly accredited program, we have the distinct advantage of modeling our program’s culture and clinical learning environment with the features that led some of the highly reputable programs to their enviable successes. We seek well-rounded applicants with passion and enthusiasm who are willing to work hard, expect and appreciate progressive autonomy for patient care, and take an active role in shaping the training experiences for themselves and their team.
We designed our curriculum and rotation experiences to enable deliberate practice with active feedback and coaching from our committed faculty. From the very beginning, the curriculum emphasizes patient ownership, bedside and team-based care, evidence-based medicine, high-value care and leadership skills to graduate internists ready for independent practice in a variety of settings.