The Child and Adolescent Psychiatry for the PCP, Educator, and Community Partner offers free continuing education opportunities with a focus on youth mental health. This series provides professionals the opportunity to gain credit to support the requirements of their licensure. It is very important to stay up to date on the latest information in the mental health field. Professionals such as practitioners, nurses and counselors may earn credits twice monthly through our series (CMEs, CNEs, CEUs).

CME Flyer

CME Flyer


CME Presentations Round II Schedule

* Please keep in mind that topic/presenters may change

2nd Friday Day Topic Presenter
September 10 Drugs Gilbert Garza
September 23 ADHD Dr. Anacani Fonseca
October 8 Substance use trends and programs available in our community Guillermo "Memo" Valenzuela
October 21 Depression & Anxiety Dr. Sara Martin
November 12 MH first aid Luis Chavarria
November 18 Culturally responsive trauma focused CBT Beatrice Rodriguez
December 10 Suicide assessment Audrey Zatopek
January 14 Risky trends & behaviors Julia del Campo
January 27 Racism & Discrimination Dr. Eden Robles
February 11 Prevention and intervention program Jennifer Contreras
February 24 Eating disorder Tyson Alexander
March 11 Teen dating and violence Susie Marquez
March 24 Ethics & MH Dr. Hanna Garza
April 8 Cyber revenge Carlos Castaneda
April 21 TBA TBA
May 13 TBA TBA
May 26 TBA TBA
June 10 TBA TBA
June 23 TBA TBA
July 8 TBA TBA
July 21 TBA TBA


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