56.01.03 - Institutional Computer Naming Convention Standards

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To provide the policy requirements for the use of technology resources and associated data within Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso (TTUHSC El Paso). This policy outlines general compliance instructions, and responsibilities for the use of technology resources.


This policy will be reviewed every odd-numbered year by the director of client computing and approved by the chief information officer (CIO).


Computer Naming Convention

All faculty/staff, employees, students, and other authorized users are responsible for complying with this policy on information technology operations.

To facilitate the identification of computers on the network, all TTUHSC El Paso computers must use the naming convention outlined below:

For example, a computer in the Information Technology Department with an inventory tag number of 78943 would be named ELPIT-T078943.

  • Three-letter city code (e.g., ELP), ELPIT-T078943

  • Department code (e.g., IT, SOM, PED), ELPIT-T078943

  • The letter “T” (The “T” signifies that the number is a TTUHSC El Paso inventory ID desktop) or “L” (The “L” signifies that the number is a TTUHSC El Paso inventory ID laptop): ELPIT-T078943

  • A six-digit inventory tag number (five digit tag numbers will be preceded by a zero): ELPIT-T078943

  • If an inventory tag number is not available, the department will have to contact ELP Property Management at baelp-asset.accounting@ttuhsc.edu for a replacement