56.40.04 - Web Use and Copyright Standards

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To establish accountability for content displayed on websites.


This policy will be reviewed every odd-number year by the associate managing director for Institutional Advancement and the senior director of academic technology, with final approval by the chief information officer (CIO).


  1. The use of TTUHSC El Paso web and computing resources is a privilege granted by TTUHSC El Paso and the state of Texas and is intended to further the educational missions of the institution.
  2. All users are responsible for using the TTUHSC El Paso web and computing resources ethically, courteously, and lawfully in accordance with the HSCEP OP 56.01, Use of Information Technology Resources.
  3. TTUHSC El Paso upholds the utmost ethical standards and abides by institutional policies and state and federal statutes.
  4. TTUHSC El Paso regulates the use of the internet on the TTUHSCEP network.
  5. All users are responsible for properly vetting ensuring the information published on the website. All information published must be free from copyright restrictions and must comply with the guidelines outlined in the TTUHSC El Paso Brand Identity Guidelines.
  6. All websites must comply with the B.No. 1910 SECTION 1 Subchapter C, Chapter 2054 act.