Immunization Services

Required Vaccines

Employees who are providing direct patient care or who have potential for blood or body fluid exposure during the course of their work should have documentation of a full Hepatitis B vaccine series and a positive Hepatitis B antibody titer otherwise the vaccine will be offered free of charge. If the Hepatitis B vaccine is declined, the employee must sign the required Hepatitis B Vaccine Declination form as per the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard. Occupational Health Services provides the Hepatitis B vaccine and obtains titers at no charge to employees.

Rubella and Measles immunity thru a titer is required. If necessary, MMR vaccine will be provided. 

Varicella immunity thru a titer is required. If necessary, Varicella vaccine will be provided.  

All employees who have not or are unsure if they have previously received a dose of Tdap will receive this vaccine. 

The Fall Seasonal Flu Shot Outreach Program begins in September. The flu shot outreach program is done by the Occupational Health Department.

All employees are required to have the influenza vaccination or sign a Influenza Declination Form annually, per policy EP 7.13 Influenza Vaccination.

All personnel going to the University Medical Center of El Paso who decline the influenza vaccine, regardless of reason, will be expected to wear a mask for the duration of flu season whenever they are in patient care areas.

TTUHSC El Paso expects to receive a supply of the influenza vaccine every September. If the supply is delivered in stages, patient care employees will receive the vaccine first.

Proof of vaccination (within the past 5 years) is required of all students less than 30 years old, and those who have had a break in enrollment at the same institution. (More Information)

Vaccine Declination Forms