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03/02/2021 50.21 Cash (Change) Funds Updated
02/05/2021 77.02 Textbook Information Updated
02/02/2021 1.05 Delegation of Authority by the Chancellor Updated
01/21/2021 2.01 Office of Institutional Advancement Relationships and Responsibilities Minor change
01/21/2021 2.02 Solicitation of Gifts and Grants from Private Philanthropic Sources Minor change
01/19/2021 52.15b Consentimiento y Permiso de Publicación para Usar Imágenes o Información Updated
01/14/2021 79.06c, TTUHSC El Paso Employee Mileage Record Minor change
01/13/2021 52.15a, Consent and Release to Use Image or Information form Minor change
01/13/2021 52.15, Consent and Release to Use Image or Information Minor change
01/12/2021 50.02, TTUHSC El Paso Employees Indebted to the State of Texas Minor change
06/17/19 50.36, Sales Tax Collection Updated Links
06/17/19 52.14, HIPAA Sanctions Process Minor
06/17/19 52.14a, Disciplinary Matrix Grammatical
06/17/19 65.02, Facilities and Administrative Cost Recovery Plan Minor
06/17/19 65.03, Sponsored Program Fund Management Minor
06/17/19 65.04, Allowable Activities and Allowable Cost Minor
06/17/19 65.04a, Common Allowable and Unallowable Costs Minor
06/17/19 65.05, Program Income Major
06/17/19 73.06, Research Involving Human Subjects Major
06/17/19 73.13, Approval Process for External Funding Requests Major
06/17/19 73.13, Office of Sponsored Programs Rout Sheet Minor
06/10/2019 01.03, Custodian of Public Records Major
06/10/2019 10.06, Academic Council Major
06/10/2019 10.29, Global Health Programs for Students Minor
06/10/2019 10.29a, Faculty-LED Global Health Program Proposal Form Minor
06/10/2019 10.29b, Planned Response to Emergencies Abroad Minor
06/10/2019 50.02, TTUHSC El Paso Employees Indebted to the State of Texas Minor
06/10/2019 50.27, Use of Private Consultants Minor
06/10/2019 54.02, Contacting Procedures Minor
06/10/2019 65.09 Subrecipient Monitoring Major
06/10/2019 72.19, Payment for Employee Moving Expenses Major
06/10/2019 73.03 Animal Care and Usage Minor
06/10/2019 73.17, Research Related Injury in Privately Sponsored human Research Studies Major
05/10/2019 63.10, Property Management Minor
05/10/2019 63.10s, Departmental Certification for Surplus of an Inventoried item No Change
05/10/2019 63.10b, Missing, Damaged, Lost or Stolen Property Report No Change
05/10/2019 63.10d, Temporary Use of Property Authorization Form No Change
05/10/2019 63.10e, Transfer form Surplus to Department Request No Change
05/10/2019 63.10f, Inter-Agency Property Transfer Request No Change
05/10/2019 63.10g, Request to Add Property to Departmental Inventory No Change
05/10/2019 63.10h, Fabrication of Equipment Authorization No Change
05/10/2019 63.10i, Class Codes – Property Controlled but not Capitalized No Change
05/10/2019 63.10j, Final Disposition of Surplus Property No Change
05/10/2019 65.06, Contracts and Grants Made Directly to Individuals Grammatical
05/10/2019 70.01, Leave of Absence Major
05/10/2019 70.01a, Lump Sum Vacation Certification No Change
05/10/2019 70.01b, Application for Legislative Leave for Peace Officers No Change
05/10/2019 70.01c, Leave Without Pay Form Renamed from 70.01d
05/10/2019 70.01d, Service Excellence Leave Award Nomination Form Renamed from 70.01e
05/10/2019 73.02a, Master Data Transfer Agreement (HSCEP OP 73.02 previously approved 01/03/2019) NEW
05/10/2019 72.16, Official Functions, Business Meetings, and Entertainment Major
05/10/2019 72.16a, Pre-approval Form Major
05/10/2019 72.06, Leasing of Space and Facilities Grammatical
05/10/2019 73.13, Approval Process for External Funding Request Major
05/10/2019 73.13a, Office of Sponsored Programs routing Sheet No Change
05/10/2019 77.19, Grading Procedures and Academic Regulations Major
05/10/2019 79.02, Travel Approvals and Notifications Grammatical
05/10/2019 79.02a, Travel Application Example No Change
05/10/2019 79.07, Travel Expenses Incurred by Prospective Employees Grammatical
05/10/2019 79.10, Reimbursement for Travel Expenses for Spouses Grammatical
05/08/2019 52.06, Standards of Conduct and Ethics Guide Minor
05/08/2019 52.10, Identity Theft Prevention, Detection and Mitigation Program Minor
05/08/2019 52.10a, Identity Theft Red Flags Indicators Minor
05/08/2019 54.01, Contracting Authority and Policy Minor
05/08/2019 54.01a, Summary of Employment Agreement Approvals Minor
05/08/2019 56.01, Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Grammatical
05/08/2019 61.24, Control of Keys to Facilities Major
05/08/2019 61.24a, Key Request Form Major
05/08/2019 61.24b, Key Warden Access Request Form Major
05/08/2019 64.24c, Key Holder Card Deleted
05/08/2019 64.24d, Lost or Stolen Keys Deleted
05/08/2019 64.24e, Authorizing Signatures for Key Issuance Deleted
01/14/2019 50.10, Endorsement Stamps and Endorsement of Checks  Minor
01/14/2019 50.22, Tuition and Fees Installment Payment Options  Grammatical
01/14/2019 50.32, Waiver of Fees for Internet Courses and Off Campus Instruction  Minor
01/14/2019 52.06, Standards of Conduct and Ethics Guide Major
01/14/2019 61.32, TTUHSC El Paso Classroom Scheduling Policy Major
01/14/2019 70.31, Employee Conduct Coaching Corrective Action and Termination Minor
01/14/2019 70.31a, Supervisor’s Guide to Progressive Discipline –DELETED-   Removed
01/03/2019 50.21, Cash (Change) Funds Grammatical
01/03/2019 50.26, Completion of Cash Receipt Grammatical
01/03/2019 63.01, TTUHSC El Paso Vehicle Rental  Minor
01/03/2019 63.07, Vehicles- Inscription and Painting  Grammatical 
01/03/2019 73.02, Ownership and Transfer of Project and Research Records Minor
12/03/2018 63.03, Vehicle Fleet Management Program Grammatical
12/03/2018 63.03b, Vehicle Monthly Use Report Grammatical
12/03/2018 63.03c, Tips for Compliance Minor
12/03/2018 63.03d, Operator Vehicle Inspection Template Reformat
12/03/2018 63.03e, Vehicle Coordinator Update Request No Change
11/29/2018 10.19, Smoke-free and Tobacco-free Environment Minor
11/29/2018 10.19a, Example- Tobacco Free Campus Sign No Change
11/28/2018 10.05, Conflict of Interest and Commitment Minor 
11/28/2018 10.15, Americans with Disabilities Act Removed- replaced by 51.01
11/28/2018 51.04, Access for Individuals with Disabilities NEW
11/28/2018 63.11, Disposal of Surplus, Obsolete, or Uneconomically Repairable Inventory Grammatical
11/28/2018 63.11a, Request for Approval of Surplus Property No Change
11/28/2018 63.11b, Departmental Certification for Surplus of an Inventoried Item No Change
11/28/2018 75.30, Medical Equipment Policy Template Reformat
11/28/2018 75.33, TTUHSC El Paso Emergency Evacuation Policy Moderate
11/28/2018 77.10, Student Financial Responsibility Agreement Minor
11/28/2018 77.10a, Student Financial responsivity Agreement Form Minor
11/21/2018 75.08, Manual Aerial Platform Policy Template Reformat
11/21/2018 75.13, Shipment of Hazardous and Infectious Materials Template Reformat
11/21/2018 75.14, Non-Employee Incident/Injury Procedures & Reporting  Template Reformat
11/21/2018 75.14a, Non-Employee Incident/Injury Response Flow Diagram  Template Reformat
11/21/2018 75.14b, Non-Employee Incident/Injury Report Form Template Reformat
11/21/2018 75.14c, Witness Statement Template Reformat
11/21/2018 75.14d, Non-Employee Occurrence Report  Template Reformat
11/21/2018 75.29, Liquid Nitrogen Template Reformat
11/21/2018 75.31, Strange Odor – Report Policy Template Reformat
11/16/2018 77.19, Grading Procedures and Academic Regulations NEW
11/16/2018 79.05, Suspension and Retention Moderate
11/15/2018 75.17, Disposals of Medications  Template Reformat
11/15/2018 75.18, Emergency Eyewash/Shower and Drench Stations Template Reformat
11/15/2018 75.20, Fire Emergency Response Policy  Template Reformat
11/15/2018 75.21, Fire Extinguisher Monthly Inspection Procedure  Template Reformat
11/15/2018 75.22, Flood Emergency Response Policy  Template Reformat
11/15/2018 75.23, Formaldehyde Safety  Template Reformat
11/15/2018 75.24, Emergency Freeze Response Policy  Template Reformat
11/15/2018 75.26, Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Policy  Template Reformat
11/15/2018 75.27, Hazardous Materials Spill Responds Policy  Template Reformat
11/15/2018 75.28, Industrial Powered Equipment: Truck/Forklift/Powered Platforms Aerial Lifts/Electric Pallet Jack  Template Reformat
11/14/2018 77.18, Border County Waiver NEW
11/14/2018 77.18a, New Mexico Border County Waiver NEW
11/14/2018 77.18b, Oklahoma Board County Waiver NEW
11/13/2018 79.01, Minor State Travel Management Program Minor
11/13/2018 79.06, Reimbursement of travel Expenses Minor
10/10/2018 10.06, Regulations for the Carrying of Concealed Handguns by License Holders NEW