All of the trainings listed below are available in person and through ACME and must be requested using the request form. Click on the button below to open the Training Request Form.

Training Request Form


List of Available Trainings

Basic Informed Consent Training

Study Close-Out Activities

Atypical Informed Consent Scenarios

Typical Biomedical Informed Consent Mistakes 

Typical Parental Informed Consent Mistakes 

Typical Assent Mistakes 

Typical HIPAA Mistakes 

Typical Audit Finidings and How to Prevent Them 

Study Budget Preparation Training 

What is iRIS and How Do I Get an Account? 
Preparing and Negotiationg a Study Contract and Budget 
Study Advertisements and Subject Recruitment 
Building a Study Regulatory Binder 

Basics of

Training Requirements for Clinical Research Personnel 

What are Unanticipated Events and How Should They Be Reported (AE, SAE, UPIRSO...)? 

Research Misconduct and EthicsPoint

Creating and Maintaining Data Collection Forms 

Preparing for External Audits (FDA, NIH, Sponsor...)

Basics of Data Collection & Data Management 

Preparing for Internal Research Audits

Training Binder Development and Other Helpful Tools 

If you have any ideas for trainings that you would like to see, please feel free to email with your comments.