Admission to either of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS) programs is granted by the dean, upon the recommendation of the admissions committee. All applicants considered for admission must be in good standing with the school last attended. Only students who have submitted completed applications will be considered for admission. A completed application consists of the following:

  1. An application to the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso (TTUHSC El Paso) GSB
    1. Must be submitted at least three months prior to the target enrollment date.
    2. Applications are submitted online. All sections of the online application must be completed and submitted prior to the application closing date.
    3. Any admissions offer made under falsified application information is void.
    4. See for a complete list of admissions requirements.
    5. All applications are reviewed by the admissions committee. Offers are made in accordance with the committee’s recommendation and by approval of the dean.
    6. Initial matriculation takes place in the fall semester.
    7. Any exceptions to these guidelines are made on a case-by-case basis with support from a faculty mentor, recommendation by the admissions committee, and approval of the dean.

  2. Official Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores
    1. To be considered for admission into the master’s program, applicants need to submit a GRE score report that is no more than five years old.
    2. This requirement applies to all degree program applicants, regardless of educational background. In accordance with Texas Education Code §51.842, an applicant’s performance on a standardized test is not to be used in the admissions or competitive scholarship process as the sole criterion to end consideration of the applicant.
    3. All test scores must be sent directly by the Educational Testing Service to the GSBS main office. Photocopies or scanned copies of GRE scores will not be accepted.
    4. The institution code for the GSBS is 7452.
    5. Information about the GRE may be obtained from the Educational Testing Service, P.O. Box 6000, Princeton, NJ, 08541-6000, or

  3. Official Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) scores
    1. To be considered for admission into the post-baccalaureate certificate program, applicants must submit an MCAT score report that is no more than five years old.
    2. All test scores must be sent directly to the GSBS main office. Photocopies or scanned copies of MCAT scores will not be accepted.
    3. This is a requirement for all applicants to the post-baccalaureate certificate program. Information about the MCAT may be obtained at

  4. Official transcripts
    1. applicants must have earned a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution in the United States or the equivalent of a U.S. bachelor’s degree from a foreign institution, which typically requires at least 120 U.S.-equivalent credit hours. U.S. applicants must submit an official transcript from each college or university attended. All degrees earned must appear on official transcripts.
    2. Applicants who attended an institution outside the U.S. must provide a course-by-course evaluation of all coursework taken at any degree-granting institution(s) recognized by the country’s government/governmental ministry. Any applicant who, because of current enrollment, cannot provide a final course-by-course transcript evaluation at the time of application must submit transcript evaluations of all completed coursework. Consideration for admission may be granted on the condition that a final course-by-course transcript evaluation is provided prior to enrollment. If the transcript evaluation states that an applicant has less than 120 U.S.-equivalent credit hours and lacks the equivalent of a U.S. bachelor’s degree, then the applicant has the option to seek an alternative evaluation from another GSBS-approved evaluation company and the GSBS will accept the evaluation that supports admission.
    3. Applicants must submit at least six semesters of coursework. Applicants must be in good standing with all schools attended, and be able to provide either official transcripts from any U.S. university attended, or course-by-course transcript evaluations and diploma information. The online application includes a list of approved transcript evaluation services. Applicants are advised not send international transcripts or mark sheets to TTUHSC El Paso.

  5. Letters of recommendation
    1. A minimum of two letters of recommendation are required.
    2. All letters of recommendation must be submitted either through the online application system or — if sent directly from the recommender’s institutional or work email address — emailed to
    3. Letters of recommendation or forms submitted by the applicant will not be accepted unless the original hard copy is submitted in a sealed envelope.

  6. Required immunizations
    1. In order to protect the health of our students and the health of the patients with whom they come in contact, TTUHSC El Paso requires all entering students to provide documentation of all required immunizations.
    2. All applicants are required to show proof of the following, regardless of whether they have had any history of the disease.
      1. Two immunizations for varicella (chicken pox) or a titer proving immunity
      2. Two doses of measles, mumps, and rubella or a titer proving immunity
      3. A two-step tuberculosis skin test administered within the last 12 months
      4. The hepatitis B series
      5. A tetanus/diphtheria (Td) vaccine
      6. A Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and acellular pertussis) vaccine; for adults, a one-time dose starting in 2005
      7. A meningococcal vaccine (MCV); for adults 22 and younger, administered within the last five years
    3. Immunization requirements are based on the regulations, guidelines, and recommendations set forth by the October 2012 Texas Administrative Code (TAC), the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS), the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the U.S. Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices (ACIP).
    4. The meningitis records must be submitted immediately, and all other requirements prior to orientation.
    5. Student immunization records are kept on file in Occupational Health. As immunizations are updated, students must provide written documentation to Occupational Health. Provisions for immunization requirements and implementation procedures for all TTUHSC El Paso employees, volunteers, and students can be found under HSCEP OP 75.11., Attachment A-Health Surveillance Program for Students.

  7. Oath of Residency: All applicants must complete an Oath of Residency form, provided through the online application.

  8. Essay: All applicants must submit a written essay through the online application.

  9. Application fee: A one-time, non-refundable application fee of $45 for graduate study.

  10. Placement fee: A $50 placement fee is required upon acceptance of admission offer. This fee secures the student’s seat for matriculation.

All applicants should allow ample time for required support documents to be received and added to the application file. Applicants will not be considered for evaluation until the GSBS main office receives all of the required documents. Applicants will be notified when an admission decision has been made.

There are three main criteria used to evaluate all applicants for admission:

  1. Academic records: All academic records may be considered.

  2. Test scores: Scores from the general Graduate Record Examination (GRE) test or the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) depending on the program.
    1. To submit an MCAT score in lieu of a GRE score, students must contact the GSBS main office/ This only applies for applicants to the master’s program.

  3. Individual profile: Profiles may include recommendations and/or information on the student’s research background, motivation, multilingual proficiency, undergraduate institution(s), presentations, portfolios, or interviews. Admissions committees may also consider work experience, demonstrated commitment to a particular field or study, and community involvemen.