Taskforce Projects

Community Outreach And Engagement Survey

May 2020

The purpose of the annual TTUHSC El Paso Community Outreach and Engagement survey is to both document the involvement of our TTUHSC El Paso faculty, staff and residents in community outreach and engagement activities and collate community partners that request support from TTUHSC El Paso.  Examples of activities include:

  • New and continuing community projects.
  • Collaborations with community organizations.
  • Services provided in the community.
  • Collaborations with external and internal partners.
  • Level of community involvement (number of hours dedicated).

Community Engagement Summit

August 2020

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso through the Office for Outreach and Community Engagement sponsors an Annual Community Engagement Summit which serves to evaluate the status of our engagement with our local community partners.

As a result of our Annual Community Engagement Survey, major community engagement partners are identified, and invited to participate in this summit.  The partners range from major local education institutions, patient support groups, as well as healthcare organizations.  The partners gather to give feedback via focus groups in order to ensure TTUHSC El Paso aligns our engagements with both the community partners’ vision and that our engagements are focused on sustainable multi-directional relationships.  This Summit assists in assessing the broader impacts of TTUHSC El Paso’s engagement activities.

Community Engagement Symposium

November 2020

During our first annual community engagement Summit, various community patient support groups expressed a need for a centralized leader to gather the disparate patient support organizations to learn best practices, disseminate information, and share community resources.  TTUHSC El Paso, as the major health education resource, will step in to fill this need and will sponsor this learning opportunity for our community partners.

TTUHSC El Paso Campus Day Of Service


TTUHSC El Paso community reaches out to our Paso del Norte community by providing one focused day of volunteer service by the entire TTUHSC El Paso campus community.  Students, faculty, staff, and alumni, all provide a wide range of volunteer activities to a wide range of community based non-profit organizations at a wide range of sites.  The Office for Outreach and Community Engagement through its Community Outreach and Engagement Taskforce provides coordination and resources to student governments, faculty senate, and employee senate to make this annual event a success.