Single IRB Review Fees-NIH

Single IRB Review Fees
NIH Funded Research

The costs for IRB review of research conducted at a single institution by that institution’s IRB have typically been considered an indirect cost covered under an institution’s Facilities and Administration (F&A) rate (except for industry-initiated-and-sponsored studies). However, many institutions who will serve as single IRBs (sIRBs) will charge fees to review other sites. Additionally, fees charged by independent IRBs are the responsibility of the lead site and should be included in the grant budget as direct costs.

 Additional Study Personnel
The lead site will have additional responsibilities for coordinating sIRB review and requirements throughout the life of the study, which may require additional staffing resources.

Obtaining fee information for sIRB review
There is no nationwide standard or federal mandate for how IRB fees are assessed or how much they are. Some IRBs charge for each review action they complete (e.g. initial approval, modifications, continuing review) for each site. Some IRBs charge annual fees for the study based on the number of sites. For others, the fees vary based on institutional or organizational affiliations.

You should obtain fee information from the IRB that is specific to the study you are proposing. This may require asking the IRB office for a study-specific fee estimate.

At TTUHSC El Paso, our fee structure for NIH funded research is identified below.


Single IRB Fees

Per External Site

Initial Review Fee


Continuing Review Fee


Study-wide Amendment


Compliance Monitoring Fee


Initial Review participating site onboarding fee (per relying site): $1500

Continuing Review fee (per relying site with study activity during the last approval period): $1000

Modification fee (per affected relying site) excluding administrative and/or minor revisions: $500