Initiating and Conducting Research at TTUHSC El Paso

Welcome to the research portal of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso!

Whether you are a new or experienced researcher at our institution, we are here to help you navigate the research process and find the resources you need to initiate and conduct your research project. In this guide, we will provide an overview of the steps involved in starting your research and how to use the resources available through our research portal.

Collaborating With Other Researchers and Finding Mentors

One of the most important aspects of research is collaboration. Collaborating with other researchers and finding mentors for guidance can help you achieve your research goals more efficiently and effectively. At TTUHSC El Paso, we have a diverse research community with expertise in various fields. Browsing our directory of faculty members (coming soon) can help you identify potential mentors and collaborators who share your research interests. You can also reach out to me –
the Vice President for Research – and department chairs or research center directors for recommendations on potential mentors.

Identifying Your Research Interests

The first step in initiating and conducting research is identifying your research interests, and we are here to help! Once you have identified potential mentors and collaborators, it is important to narrow down your research focus. You should start by reviewing the literature in your field to determine where gaps exist and what areas need further investigation. If you have any questions about how to begin, reach out to the Office of Research, and we can assist you. Additionally, you may want to attend seminars or conferences to learn about the latest research findings in your field and connect with other researchers who share your interests. We will update this portal regularly to let you know when there are seminars/symposiums/and guest lecturers on campus.

Developing Your Research Plan

Once you have identified your research interests and potential collaborators and mentors, it is time to develop your research plan. Your research plan should include a clear research question or hypothesis, a description of your study design, and a timeline for completing your project. You should also consider what resources you will need, such as funding, equipment, and access to participants or data.  We have fabulous webinars we can guide you to for additional advice and assistance.  Alternatively, come to me – the Vice President for Research – and I can assist you as you begin to shape your interests.  We can also send your idea to external mentors in your field of interest to gain further feedback.  We encourage you to engage in a conversation with our biostatisticians – their service is free of charge to you – and they are critical in assisting you as you design your study.

Submitting Your Proposal

Once you have developed your research plan, if it entails human subjects, you will need to submit a proposal to the appropriate Institutional Review Board (IRB) or other governing body for approval. If your study will include animals, we can assist and guide you in developing your IACUC approval for your research.  At TTUHSC El Paso, the Office of Research can assist you in navigating the IRB approval process as well as the IACUC procedures and ensuring that your study is in compliance with all ethical and regulatory guidelines.

Conducting Your Research

After receiving approval from the IRB/IACUC or other governing body, you can begin conducting your research. At TTUHSC El Paso, we have a variety of resources available to support your research, including access to research facilities and equipment, research support services, and statistical analysis resources.

Publishing Your Results

Once your research is complete, it is important to share your findings with the research community. At TTUHSC El Paso, the Office of Research can assist you in identifying appropriate journals and publishing venues for your research. Additionally, you may want to consider presenting your findings at conferences or other professional meetings.


Initiating and conducting research can be a challenging but rewarding process. At TTUHSC El Paso, we are committed to supporting your research at every step. Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced researcher, we encourage you to explore the resources available through our research portal and to reach out to our faculty, staff, and research support services for assistance as needed.


Deborah J. Clegg, Ph.D.
Vice President for Research