Clinic Staff

Clinic Medical Directors

Gordon Woods, MD

Gordon Woods, M.D.

Maureen Francis, MD

Maureen Francis, M.D.

David Palafox, MD

David Palafox, M.D.

Maria Theresa Villanos, MD

Maria Theresa Villanos, M.D.

Blanca Garcia, MD

Blanca Garcia, M.D.


Founding Student Leadership Team

Founding Student Leadership - Andrew Billnitzer, Chetna Pande, Victoria Nunez, Jessica Phillips
From left to right: Andrew Billnitzer, Victoria Nunez, Chetna Pande, Jessica Phillips

Current Student Leadership Team

David Palafox, MD

Loc-Uyen Vo

Director of Patient Services
Director of Mammogram Services and Special Events

David Palafox, MD

Carlos Lodeiro

Director of Clinic Flow
Director of Physician Recruitment

David Palafox, MD

Rebekah Bongato

Director of Laboratory Services
Inventory Manager

David Palafox, MD

Franz Puyol

Director of Medical Teams
Director of Volunteer Recruitment

David Palafox, MD

Maria Aleman

Director of Medical Teams
Director of Grants and Budget