Our Services

Individual Sessions – Your strengths and areas of improvement as a learner are unique to you. Meeting with a Teaching Assistant on a one-to-one individual basis will allow for personalized assistance and feedback on how you can improve your study approach.  

Small Group Sessions – If you and two to three of your peers are finding challenges with the same content, you can schedule a small group session with one of our Teaching Assistants. These sessions provide an opportunity to test and improve your knowledge along with your peers in a smaller setting.

TA Tuesdays and Objective Fridays – Every week, the MSTC hosts two large group sessions for first-year medical students, one on Tuesday and the other on Friday. The topic for each session coordinates with the SPM and SCI curriculum for that respective week.

Unit Reviews – Approximately a week prior to each end of unit exam, the MSTC hosts a large group session for first-year medical students to review “high-yield” content, as well as strategies for performing well on exams.

Special Topic Workshops – Several times a year, Teaching Assistants will host academic workshops, student panels and other informational sessions on various aspects of the medical education experience. Such past topics include preparation for USMLE Step 1 examinations, transitioning into clerkships and preparing to apply for residencies.

Interested in meeting with a tutor? See our “Getting Started” section.