2022 TT HealthWatch Archive

TT HealthWatch - Friday, May 13, 2022

This week's topics include use of ECMO in people with COVID-19, variations in treatment of heart attack in high-income countries, variations is excess mortality during COVID-19, should we screen for COPD.

0:40 ECMO in people with Covid
1:40 844 patients on ECMO
2:40 Bias toward who gets on ECMO
3:30 Treatment after heart attack in six high income countries
4:30 Death within one year of admission
5:30 No country excelled in all of the outcomes
6:00 Excess mortality from external causes during Covid
7:00 17,000 additional fatalities
8:02 Ethnic groups with higher rates of poverty
9:00 Screening for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
10:01 Can treatment improve quality of life
11:36 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, May 6, 2022

This week's topics include assessing long COVID-19, self-monitoring and blood pressure in pregnancy, exercise to slow kidney function decline, and failure of nonoperative management of appendicitis in children.

0:40 Long COVID-19 symptom assessment
1:40 123 symptoms items
2:40 What can we do to minimize?
3:00 Nonoperative management of appendicitis in kids
4:00 Pain helped predict failure
5:00 Ultrasonography associated with failure
6:01 Self-monitoring blood pressure in pregnancy
7:02 Didn't diagnose earlier
8:03 If it's done routinely
8:30 Exercise and slowing down kidney function decline
9:30 Did slow the rate of decline
10:30 Pharmacologic interventions
11:42 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, April 29, 2022

This week's topics include long COVID, mix and match COVID vaccines, WHO living guideline on outpatient treatment of COVID, and aspirin for primary prevention of heart disease.

0:50 Clinical characteristics of long COVID
1:55 28% on mechanical ventilation
2:55 Minority fully recovered
3:59 Mix and match COVID vaccines
4:58 4 million completed
5:56 Many don't have a choice
6:30 WHO living guideline on COVID drugs
7:30 Use in patients at highest risk for hospitalization
8:30 Paxlovid trade name
9:22 Update from USPSTF on aspirin
10:22 Evolving story
11:20 Increased risk for mortality
12:11 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, April 22, 2022

This week's topics include healthy lifestyle and Alzheimer's, racial groups and Alzheimer's risk, time-restricted eating and weight loss, and treating moderate to severe asthma in Black and Latinx adults.

0:50 Time-restricted eating
1:50 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
2:50 Watching what we're eating
3:22 Healthy lifestyle and Alzheimer's
4:24 Lived longer with more healthy factors
5:24 Why lengthen life if we get Alzheimer's
6:24 Easy things to modify
6:30 Treating moderate to severe asthma in Black and Latinx adults
7:32 Use same therapy for exacerbations
8:35 Should increase compliance
8:45 Race and ethnicity with regard to dementia
9:45 Higher rate of Alzheimer's for ethnic groups
10:45 No real regional or geographic difference
11:43 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, April 15, 2022

This week's topics include hip injections for osteoarthritis, treatment of Achilles tendon rupture, neoadjuvant therapy for lung cancer, and overdose deaths among U.S. adolescents.

0:50 Overdose deaths in U.S. adolescents
1:51 1146 overdose deaths in 2021
2:53 Use of drugs down but mortality up
3:56 Improving early-stage lung cancer treatment
4:55 Three doses of nivolumab
5:55 CT scans in those with a history of smoking
6:10 Operative versus nonoperative treatment of Achilles rupture
7:10 Follow up for a year
8:10 More likely to have nerve injury
9:00 Osteoarthritis in hip
10:00 Much better at 2 and 4 months
11:00 When pain is removed
12:00 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, April 8, 2022

This week's topics include COVID-19 and wastewater, blood clots and COVID-19, treating mild hypertension in pregnancy, and use of a PCSK9 with statins after heart attack.

0:35 Wastewater and COVID-19
1:35 Broke down by age group also
2:35 People may not have symptoms
3:36 Blood clots, bleeding and COVID-19
4:37 Pulmonary embolism risk for six months
5:36 Prophylaxis not useful usually
6:32 Mild hypertension treatment in pregnancy
7:32 Enrolled women less than 23 weeks of pregnancy
8:33 Used to just wait it out
9:27 Treating people who've had a heart attack
10:30 Plaque less likely to rupture
11:29 Very expensive
12:05 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, April 1, 2022

This week's topics include GI impact of GLP-1 agonists, coinfection with flu and COVID-19, tomosynthesis and recall, and the best statin for those with diabetes.

0:44 Coinfection with flu and COVID-19
1:50 A third each with flu, adenovirus or RSV
2:45 Vaccination status?
3:40 False positives with digital versus tomosynthesis mammography
4:41 Just shy of 50% versus about 56%
5:41 About one in nine women
7:00 Best statin in those with diabetes
8:00 Rosuvastatin was effective
9:00 Biological difference?
9:35 GLP-1 agonists and gallbladder and biliary diseases
10:35 When used at higher doses and for longer periods of time
11:35 Just losing weight increases gallstones
12:42 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, March 25, 2022

This week's topics include neurologic sequelae of vaccination for or infection with COVID-19, lack of benefit for those with COVID on aspirin or other antiplatelets, safety of history-based prescription of medications to terminate pregnancy, and quit attempts by adolescents using combustible and e-cigarettes.

0:44 Neurologic outcomes and COVID infection or vaccination
1:45 Bell's palsy, transverse myelitis
2:46 What is the background rate?
3:45 Even with variants prevent severe disease
4:00 Failed attempts to quit cigarettes among teens
5:00 Monitoring the Future study
6:00 Regulate e-cigarettes to not target this group
7:01 Antiplatelet agents in COVID infection
8:01 Wasn't effective in critically ill patients
8:44 Outcomes and safety of history-based prescription of medication abortion
9:44 Looked at adverse events
10:42 Approved up to 70 days of pregnancy
11:44 Meets six domains of health care quality
12:45 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, March 18, 2022

This week's topics include excess mortality relative to COVID-19, brain changes secondary to COVID-19 infection, a gene therapy for hemophilia A, and screening for eating disorders.

0:30 Excess mortality and COVID-19
1:30 Estimate 18.2 million deaths
2:31 Increase again?
3:00 Brain changes and COVID-19
4:00 Greater reduction in grey matter thickness
5:01 Largest brain imaging study we have
6:01 Relatively modest changes
6:15 Gene therapy for hemophilia A
7:01 Follow up a year and two years
8:01 Hepatitis treated with steroids
9:00 Screening for eating disorders in normal weight people
10:00 Screening in primary care nonexistent
11:06 No studies to show benefit
12:18 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, March 11, 2022

This week's topics include deaths related to tropical cyclones, treating low risk thyroid cancer, stopping steroids after COVID hospitalization, and using tablets for screening in primary care.

0:40 Continuation of steroids after COVID hospitalization
1:40 90% required oxygen during hospitalization
2:40 Can be associated with decreased immune response
3:10 Screening in primary care with tablets
4:10 Given a tablet with an app
5:13 These are issues that warrant immediate clinical attention
6:00 Low risk thyroid cancer treatment
7:01 Radioiodine after thyroidectomy or not
8:03 Isn't risk free
8:25 Increased mortality after tropical cyclones
9:27 In the month following increased deaths
10:35 Accrue over time
11:53 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, March 4, 2022

This week's topics include false negatives with COVID-19 testing, troponin after cardiac surgery, physician-prescribed physical activity, and a monoclonal for RSV infection prevention.

0:33 Lateral flow assays in COVID-19 testing
1:34 Not as reliable at excluding disease
2:34 Need further development and validation?
3:37 Primary care prescribed exercise
4:35 A little bit better with self-report or a device
5:35 75 to 100 minutes of vigorous activity
6:25 Troponin after cardiac surgery
7:25 Do the biomarkers predict poor outcomes?
8:25 Comorbidity impact?
8:40 A monoclonal antibody for RSV
9:40 Efficacy between 60 and 70%
10:31 Prevent infection in term infants
11:20 Use prior to RSV season
12:21 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, February 25, 2022

This week's topics include mental health sequelae of COVID, MIS-C after COVID vaccination, cardiovascular disease and vegetable intake, and ivermectin in COVID treatment.

0:40 MIS-C in kids after Covid vaccination
1:40 Mandatory reporting by providers
2:22 Mental health sequelae after Covid
3:22 Increased neurocognitive decline
4:22 No insight into why
5:25 Neural system directly impacted?
6:10 Ivermectin in the treatment of Covid
7:15 Did not improve outcomes at all
8:00 Frontiers in Nutrition
9:00 No cardiovascular disease at baseline
10:00 Large population with a survey
11:00 Not that cooked vegetables aren't good
12:10 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, February 18, 2022

This week's topics include waning immunity to COVID-19 after vaccination, costs of hospitalization for COVID-19, self-harm and loneliness, and treatment for respiratory syncytial virus.

0:39 Waning immunity against Covid after vaccination
1:40 After the third dose decreased after four months
2:40 Still best to have full vaccine regimen
3:01 Costs of Covid-related hospitalization
4:02 82 to 84% did have cost-sharing in 2021
5:02 Less than 5% had any bill at all early on
5:30 RSV and treatment
6:30 Use virus challenge
7:30 Targets RSV nucleoprotein
8:14 Loneliness across 113 countries
9:14 Almost one in ten
10:15 Those with a history of suicidal ideation
11:15 Perhaps increased risk of self-harm in one group
12:10 Online doesn't seem to help
13:18 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, February 11, 2022

This week's topics include sequelae of COVID, cemented versus uncemented hip arthroplasty, sleep length and obesity, and electronic exercise monitors.

0:34 Two studies looking at new symptoms and conditions after COVID
1:34 New and persistent sequelae in adults over 65
2:34 Long COVID symptoms
3:34 How long do they last?
3:45 Physical activity monitors
4:45 Walk 1235 more steps
5:45 Skeptical about their utility
6:02 Cemented versus uncemented hip arthroplasty
7:02 Uncemented have a bone integration material
8:03 Statistically significant but not clinically beneficial
9:03 Many have cognitive impairment
9:45 Sleep and overweight
10:45 Those who slept longer reduced their energy intake
11:45 Seldom talk about sleep habits and obesity
12:45 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, February 4, 2022

This week's topics include consumer use of home COVID-19 test kits, malaria net use and lifespan, vitamin D and omega-3s and autoimmune disease, and risk factors for opioid overdose among opioid naive patients.

0:42 Use of home tests kits for COVID-19 by consumers
1:44 High probability and test results
2:44 Authors made simpler instructions
3:45 Need proper instructions
4:08 Omega-3s and vitamin D and autoimmune disease
5:08 2000 IU per day vitamin D
6:11 Well-conducted study
7:10 Opioid overdose factors in opioid naive people
8:10 Most likely in those over 75
9:10 Relationship to suicidality
9:35 Malaria bed nets and lifespan
10:35 Use of bed nets in infants and young children
11:30 602,000 deaths due to malaria
12:56 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, January 28, 2022

This week's topics include treating young children for peanut allergy, myocarditis after COVID-19 vaccination, Janus kinase inhibitors and rheumatoid arthritis, and screening for atrial fibrillation.

0:40 Myocarditis after COVID-19 vaccination
1:40 Outcome overall fairly good
2:40 With virus symptoms weeks or months later
3:34 Treating very young children for peanut allergy
4:35 146 kids, 96 in treatment group
5:38 Started under age 2 most had remission
6:43 How can you tell you should treat?
7:05 Screening for atrial fibrillation
8:08 Used implantable loop recorder to detect
9:08 Controversy in populations at risk
9:40 Tofacitinib and rheumatoid arthritis
10:42 Followed for four years
11:42 Doesn't decrease as much as TNF inhibitor?
12:30 Five years of treatment
13:15 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, January 21, 2022

This week's topics include subcutaneous antibodies for COVID-19, use of monoclonal antibodies against COVID-19 in various ethnic and racial groups, treatment of displaced wrist fractures, and deaths due to antimicrobial resistance.

0:38 Subcutaneous administration of antibodies for COVID-19
1:38 Infected but asymptomatic
2:37 High enough to neutralize virus
3:25 Racial and ethnic disparities in use of monoclonals for COVID-19
4:25 Versus inpatient treatment with other agents
5:26 Have a primary care provider?
6:18 Treatment of wrist fracture that's displaced
7:20 No difference in treatments in pain, function
8:15 Deaths due to bacterial antimicrobial resistance
9:15 Percentage of resistant organisms
10:23 Only one have a vaccine
11:56 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, January 14, 2022

This week's topics include false positive COVID-19 tests, COVID-19 in kids and diabetes risk, cannabis and car accidents in Canada, and two diabetes drugs for weight loss.

0:51 COVID-19 in kids and diabetes development
1:53 Did increase in some more than 100%
2:50 An immune response?
3:23 False positives in antigen tests for COVID-19
4:23 Abbott antigen test device
5:25 Number of positive in almost a million
6:20 Cannabis among those who've had car accidents
7:21 Drivers treated in trauma centers
8:22 Put some teeth into reducing
8:45 Semaglutide and liraglutide in overweight adults without diabetes
9:50 Followed 68 weeks
10:35 Semaglutide appears better
11:30 Prevention first
12:18 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, January 7, 2022

This week's topics include characteristics of COVID-19 in the four waves in South Africa, a new treatment for prostate cancer, oral anticoagulants and respiratory infections, and treating advanced untreated melanoma.

0:40 Four waves of COVID-19 in South Africa
1:40 Average age of hospitalized people: 36
2:45 Oral anticoagulants and upper respiratory infections and bleeding
3:48 Major bleeding over two times more
4:48 Needs confirmation
5:48 May be another explanation
6:06 Treating men with advanced nonmetastatic prostate cancer
7:10 1,974 patients
8:10 With routine screening will that impact?
8:40 Treating advanced melanoma at time of diagnosis
9:45 Adverse events more common
10:45 Immune checkpoint inhibitors
11:45 Exciting area of cancer treatment
12:30 End

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