2024 TT HealthWatch Archive

TT HealthWatch - Friday, April 12, 2024

This week's topics include decolonizing patients and infections in the hospital, delirium and dementia, brain size over the last few decades, and are biosimilars cheaper for patients.

0:35 Brain size over the last few decades
1:35 About a 7% greater volume
2:35 Bigger brains start in early childhood
3:55 Biosimilar costs
4:53 Cost about 10% higher
5:45 Does delirium predict dementia?
6:46 Recurrent delirium with dose response
7:47 Programs to reduce delirium in older patients
8:51 Multidrug resistant organisms, iodine and chlorhexidine
9:52 Decolonize every five days
11:04 Don't need surveillance
12:27 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, April 5, 2024

This week's topics include deep learning to help predict cardiovascular events molnupiravir in, immunocompromised people with COVID-19, sleep and exercise, and oral steroids in preschool wheeze.

0:42 Molnupiravir, COVID-19 and immunocompromised people
1:42 Samples up to 44 days post-treatment
2:42 Causes mutagenesis
3:44 Ongoing surveillance?
4:14 Oral steroids in preschool wheeze
5:21 Greater reduction in wheezing severity score
6:21 How often it recurs?
6:33 Use of machine learning to estimate CVD risk with radiographs
7:35 Compared with 2000+ with known risk
8:35 Routine chest X-ray informs risk
9:35 Exercise and sleep quality
10:35 Physically active at beginning and 10 years later
12:12 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, March 29, 2024

This week's topics include differences in donor heart acceptance by race and gender, medication for self-managed abortion, aspirin and MASLD, and diagnosing Parkinson's with a skin biopsy.

0:40 Aspirin for fatty liver disease
1:40 Low dose aspirin for six months
2:40 Primary prevention?
3:03 Donor heart acceptance
4:03 Just shy of 14,000 donors
5:03 More likely to have antibodies
5:45 Diagnosing Parkinson's with skin biopsy
6:45 Could detect in between 92-100%
7:45 Diagnosis of Lewey body dementia
8:45 Medication abortion before and after Dobbs
9:46 Provisions increased
10:46 Sued the FDA
12:12 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, March 22, 2024

This week's topics include advances in treating early breast cancer, stroke after COVID-19 vaccination, anti-seizure meds during pregnancy and ASD, and oxygen targets in critically ill people.

0:38 Stroke after bivalent COVID-19 vaccine
1:35 No increased risk with this vaccine alone
2:32 Public messaging
2:41 Personalized oxygen settings for patients in the ICU
3:41 Lower level resulted in more days alive without life support
4:41 Lowering blood glucose?
5:42 Verify in randomized trials
6:43 Risk of autism in kids in moms on anti-seizure meds during pregnancy
7:43 Increased risk whether on medicine or not
8:46 Treatment of early breast cancer
9:46 CDK4/6 inhibitor
10:46 No significant side effects
11:37 Younger than median age at diagnosis
12:16 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, March 15, 2024

This week's topics include new screening methods for colorectal cancer, a drug coated balloon for blocked stents in the heart, delta 8 THC use, and mortality and treated ADHD.

0:39 How to treat blocked stents
1:40 Over a year does reblockage occur?
2:40 Bypass may be more durable in some
3:00 Treating ADHD with medicines and mortality
4:00 Mean age at diagnosis 17.4 years
5:00 Still questions remain
6:00 6% of youths worldwide
6:25 THC and marijuana use in youths in the US
7:25 About 11% use over preceding year
8:25 Similar to tianeptine and kratom?
9:10 Screening for colorectal cancer
10:10 Genomic alterations detection
11:10 Stool sample collected
12:06 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, March 8, 2024

This week's topics include microplastics in arteries, deaths due to alcohol use, obesity and its consequences, and steps for the sedentary.

0:31 Microplastics and arteries
1:31 Looked at plaque in 304 patients
2:31 May have to do with baseline risk factors
3:31 More questions than answers
3:42 Worldwide obesity and risk of developing Type 2 diabetes
4:42 Obesity accelerating worldwide
5:42 Identify and stop the process
6:42 Underweight birthweight and overweight at 20
7:44 Steps in the sedentary
8:44 Total daily steps and sedentary lifestyle
9:45 About three miles
10:07 Deaths due to alcohol use
11:08 58 alcohol-related conditions
12:08 Dramatic increase over a short period of time
13:18 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, March 1, 2024

This week's topics include Medicaid expansion and healthcare workers, brain impact of long Covid, a drug for severe food allergies, and cardiac rehabilitation.

0:41 Cognition and memory after Covid
1:41 More severe disease leads to greater deficits
2:41 Severity related to strain of virus
3:26 Cardiac rehabilitation
4:26 The earlier the better
5:26 Automatic referral and navigator
6:30 Medicaid expansion and healthcare workers
7:30 Lower income workers on Medicaid
8:31 Bigger safety net
9:31 Trickle down is not a good strategy
10:00 Antibody to IgE
11:00 Children and adolescents with food allergy
12:00 Study participants admired
12:41 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, February 23, 2024

This week's topics include a longitudinal study of Alzheimer’s markers, CAR-T cells for autoimmunity, methods of illegal opioid overdose, and safety and efficacy of telemedicine abortion.

0:35 Method of use in drug overdose deaths in 2022
1:35 Smoking most common
2:30 Smoking, snorting, injection and ingestion
3:20 Effectiveness and safety of telemedicine abortion
4:20 99.8% NOT followed by an adverse event
5:20 Multiple groups benefit
6:20 Women who experience unintended pregnancy
7:00 New therapy for autoimmune diseases
8:00 How expensive are they?
8:36 Biomarkers previous to Alzheimer's
9:36 Tau and total tau
10:36 Very long follow-up
11:36 Back up treatment very early on
12:41 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, February 16, 2024

This week's topics include allocating donor hearts, an online program for long Covid, electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation, and reversing anticoagulation in hemorrhagic strokes.

0:40 Who gets a donor heart?
1:41 Mechanical support system
2:42 Assess new guidelines
3:32 E-cigarettes in helping people stop smoking
4:32 Validated abstinence at 6 months
5:32 Doesn't stop nicotine use
6:32 Are deleterious effects
7:01 Reversing anticoagulation in hemorrhagic stroke
8:01 Almost 10,000 such strokes
9:01 Not as much of a barrier to reverse
9:20 Online program for long Covid
10:20 Health related quality of life outcome
11:20 Applied generally?
12:20 Related to deconditioning
13:06 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, February 9, 2024

This week's topics include a new treatment for NASH, human milk for preterm infants, psoriasis treatment, and managing gout with uric acid levels.

0:34 NASH treatment
1:34 Two dosages and placebo
2:32 Similar incidence of adverse events
3:32 Minor effects on heart or bone?
4:15 Psoriasis treatment
5:15 Decreased plaques by 75%
6:05 Human milk, preterm infants, neurodevelopment
7:05 Black infants 52%
8:07 Decreased necrotizing enterocolitis
9:14 Uric acid levels and gout flares
10:15 3600 patients with gout
11:15 Keep levels at five or below
12:15 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, February 2, 2024

This week's topics include a possible cause for long Covid, screening for language disorders and delays in kids, costs of healthcare when someone with cancer gets switched to a high deductible plan, and diabetes remission health impact.

0:33 Long Covid and the complement system
1:33 Top biomarkers identified
2:32 Which complement pathway involved?
3:35 Identify those at risk
3:50 Remission of type 2 diabetes and health outcomes
4:50 Reduced rate of CKD and CVD
5:50 1200 to 1800 kCal per day
6:50 Direct trial in UK
7:03 USPSTF screening for speech and language disorders
8:03 No studies evaluate screening
9:03 Different in different cultures
9:16 Out of pocket costs for patients with cancer and high deductible plans
10:17 Over 2700 in high deductible group
11:15 Sacrificed non-cancer and primary care
12:25 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, January 26, 2024

This week's topics include closing the women's health gap, how seniors use the health care system, cancer after weight loss, and PFAS guidelines for clinicians.

0:30 Cancer diagnosis after weight loss
1:30 Two times the frequency
2:33 PFAS guidance for clinicians
3:30 Half-life of eight or more years
4:31 Increased preeclampsia
5:31 Screen water supply
6:23 Understanding how older adults use health care system
7:23 Overdiagnosis, hypervigilance, indicated?
8:23 World Economic Forum on women's health gap
9:23 Avoid 24 million life-years lost
10:23 Ischemic heart disease, tuberculosis
11:21 Women pay more for health insurance
12:34 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, January 19, 2024

This week's topics include a look at congenital syphilis, a way of treating some people with congestive heart failure, palliative care in two different populations, and breast cancer outcomes over fifty years.

0:32 Long term outcomes in heart failure
1:32 Defibrillator with pacing
2:30 Like putting in a pacemaker
2:50 Congenital syphilis
3:50 Consequences for neonate dire
4:50 Time sensitive treatment
5:50 Almost 4000 cases in 2022
6:30 Breast cancer mortality in last fifty years
7:30 Hormone negative screening very important
8:15 Palliative care in two populations
9:15 Nurse intervention with social worker effective
10:15 Needs to be resourced
11:15 Resistance by some clinicians
12:30 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, January 12, 2024

This week's topics include a proteomic approach to cancer screening, vegetarian diet and COVID-19 risk, performance of dialysis centers, and medical errors in hospitalized patients.

0:40 Incentivizing dialysis centers
1:40 Over 1000 dialysis centers
2:40 How to adjust for neighborhood?
3:41 Comprehensive approach needed
4:00 Vegetarian diet and COVID-19 risk
5:03 Importance of diet and disease
6:00 Immunity and foods
6:12 Diagnostic errors in hospitalized patients
7:12 Problems assessing the patient
8:18 Novel proteomics-based cancer screening
9:18 10 proteins with high accuracy
10:18 Different in men and women
11:18 Most useful biomarkers the low concentration ones
12:05 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, January 5, 2024

This week's topics include a new medication for atrial fibrillation, a comprehensive approach to prepregnancy through early childhood, opening the blood-brain barrier for an Alzhiemer's antibody treatment, and management of TMD.

0:47 Temporomandibular disorders and management
1:47 10cm visual analog scale
2:47 In subtypes expect some variation
3:36 Which relieves pain and which improves function
4:27 Opening the blood brain barrier and using an antibody for Alzheimer's
5:27 Applied on one side of brain
6:27 Does it reverse or halt dementia?
7:00 A multidomain intervention in preconception through early childhood
8:00 Was helpful in childhood outcomes
9:00 Don't know which factor was most effective
10:00 How to assess factors separately
10:15 IV drug for early atrial fibrillation
11:15 Phase two study
12:43 End

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