Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

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The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) assists faculty and research staff with identifying, obtaining, and maintaining external funding that supports our mission. The mission of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center at El Paso is to improve the lives of people in our State and our community by focusing on the unique health care needs of socially and culturally diverse border populations through excellence in integrated education, research, and patient care.Our goal is to provide excellent service to all individuals in their efforts to secure external funding. OSP also ensures proper stewardship and assists with clinical trial agreements, material transfer agreements and non-disclosure agreements.

OSP Internal Proposal Submission Due Dates

In order to have the greatest success in submitting your grant proposal, we require that you adhere to the following time frames:

OSP Internal Proposal Submission Timeline:  The timeline describes the proposal submissions process.  The faculty and staff at TTUHSC El Paso are required to follow this timeline when submitting proposals for sponsored programs/projects to funding agencies.  30 days before the agency deadline a NOI is required to be submitted to OSP.  20 days before the agency deadline the administration should begin working on the budget and budget justification.  15 days before agency deadline the budget and justification must be submitted to OSP for review and approval.  10 days before the agency deadline the fully signed route sheet along with the final buget budget, budget justification and abstract or specific aims are due to OSP.  5 days before the agency deadline all final proposal documents are due to OSP for review and approval.  2 - 3 days before the agency deadline OSP completes and submits the proposal application to agency.