Chief’s Welcome

Joshua Whitesides, M.D.- Communications Chief Resident

Dr. Whitesides at the beach with child holding metal detector.
Dr. Whitesides

Hey everyone, Josh here aka Dr. Lados Blancos (Whitesides), lovingly coined by my patients. I have been elected chief of communications and send my warmest regards to everyone checking out this website. I am a Utahn but am enjoying the diversity and culture of Texas. Of all the EM programs, I appreciate TTUHSC El Paso for several reasons. I will advocate that our program is one of the best, mature and oldest programs in Texas! Our training is hands down the best in the West. First, proximity to the Mexico border affords us to see cases and pathology that have all but disappeared from the U.S. medical system. Affordable housing, great schools and no state income tax are a few advantages as well. Supportive faculty who teach and educate is a huge incentive. Proximity to Fort Bliss provides a large Army population which makes for amazing Fourth of July fireworks and U.S. flags abound. There is a strong sense of community demonstrated by the hashtag #elpasostrong. I encourage you to explore the website, reach out to the chief residents, or come and visit if possible!



Adiel Aizenberg, M.D.- Administrative Chief Resident

Dr. Aizenberg floating in the ocean.
Dr. Aizenberg


I’m Adiel, born and raised in Texas. It’s a big state and every part of it is unique. El Paso is no exception. A decent sized city on the border with Mexico, it has a little bit of everything. Having the mountains a 15 minute drive from my front door is great. Having four national parks within a five-hour drive is exceptional. Our faculty are great to work with and our patients are truly appreciative of what we do for them. Overall, it’s been a great two years and I’m looking forward to another one. 



Gregory Whitcher, M.D.- Education Chief Resident

Dr. Whitcher standing with motorcycle.
Dr. Whitcher

I can’t imagine a better place to be an Emergency Medicine resident than Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso. We care for the unique binational community that comes from these two cities straddling the U.S.-Mexico border. As a resident in this program, we are positioned to take advantage of all that it brings, including challenging presentations, severely injured patients, bilingual medicine and more. We do it all thanks to the support of outstanding faculty, staff and nurses, and an especially grateful patient population. When you combine that all with the chance to unwind from the hospital under the sun on the local trails, it’s hard to beat.