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Chairman’s Welcome

Thanks for visiting our TTUHSC El Paso Department of Emergency Medicine webpage and spending a few minutes learning more about our school, department, residency training program, and University Medical Center of El Paso.

I am Ed Michelson, M.D., professor and chairman as well as the program director in the Department of Emergency Medicine. I am relatively new to El Paso, having arrived in April 2016 and wish to share with you some of the many things that drew me to this program. First, we have the oldest civilian emergency medicine training program in the state of Texas. We have been preparing and graduating highly-trained EM physicians now for 35 years—since 1982. Many of our graduates have stayed on and joined the ranks of our faculty either in full-time or ongoing part-time employment, even flying in from other cities for shifts. This speaks volumes to the loyalty and respect that our graduates have to the program that prepared them, not to mention their commitment to us.

Second, we are the only EM training program on the U.S.-Mexico border (it’s actually one mile from the fence), which results in a very interesting and diverse patient population. Our primary training sites, University Medical Center of El Paso and El Paso Children’s hospital are well-funded, well-run public hospitals supported by El Paso County. Our facilities do not look the least bit like one’s idea of a “county hospital,” nor do they operate like one. Although we are the only not-for-profit hospitals in El Paso, the only level one trauma center for over 280 miles, and the safety net facility providing care to the undocumented and un/underinsured, we still provide high quality care in a rich, supportive learning environment.

Third, emergency medicine is one of over 11 departments sponsoring residency and fellowship programs, creating a great opportunity to collaborate and learn with/from colleagues in other specialties both within and outside of the emergency department. We share in the care of a very sick, medically complex population that is also very respectful of physicians and grateful for the care they receive.

Fourth, our department hosts a world class regional simulation center supported by a number of our faculty and staff. As a result, our residents get more simulation time and experience than probably any other program in the country. Our faculty not only teach emergency medicine skills through simulation, but are themselves international leaders as well as inventors in medical simulation. We also run the West Texas Regional Poison Center

Fifth, we are part of a rapidly growing health sciences campus with a four-year, 100 students per year medical school, a nursing school, a graduate school of  biomedical sciences, and a forthcoming dental school. We are proud to be part of the Texas Tech University System, but also a largely independent, self-governing health sciences center in rapid evolution.

Sixth, El Paso is a great place to live, to enjoy leisure time activity, and even to raise a family. We are one of the safest mid-size cities in America, with not only low crime rates, but affordable housing, low-cost of living, no local or state income tax, friendly neighbors, and a plethora of outdoor activities. Living in sun city in the high desert, our winters are mild with plenty of sunshine encouraging year round outdoor fun.

Our department is strong and growing, adding new faculty, new training sites, clinical initiatives, and experiences. Our residents graduate well-trained and well-prepared for fellowship training or for practice.  I invite you to check us out, to consider training here, as well as joining our faculty. Do not hesitate to call or email me with your questions or to learn more about us.


Ed Michelson, M.D.


Please see our employment opportunities for current open positions within our department.

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