Mission and Vision

The Department of Family Medicine’s mission derives from disparities of health within our regional community that lacks access to health care, has limited acceptance of preventive care, suffers from inadequate numbers of primary care physicians, or research that lacks applicability to our population. To correct these inequities, we therefore seek to give back to our community who supports, yet needs us, by:

  1. Creating inspiring education to students, residents and fellows to enhance the local workforce of primary care providers and staff.
  2. Provide compassionate, culturally sensitive care that is holistic and healing to our community.
  3. Enhance our community through our collaborative services, working with others to alleviate needs and disparities.
  4. Generate research and scholarship that maintains the voice of our community within pioneering health care primary care.

The Department of Family and Community Medicine remains a recognized leader in academic family medicine by providing innovative patient care, education and primary care research that continues to improve the quality of life of our diverse community through advancements in health care, offers collaborative community service, and inspires others to join our journey and nurture our local health care workforce.