Frequently Asked Questions

External mental health providers available to TTUHSC El Paso students are limited to eight sessions per year (September through August). The number of sessions provided by the on-campus Student Support Center are determined in conjunction with assigned counselor.

Student Services and Student Engagement provides up to eight free counseling sessions per TTUHSC El Paso student per academic year (September through August). Appointments may be made by directly communicating with the provider; please identify yourself as a TTUHSC El Paso student.

Note: You may continue to receive counseling from the provider beyond the eight free sessions, but you will be responsible for the covering the provider’s fees for those additional counseling sessions. You may be able to use personal insurance benefits to help defray those costs. If you feel that long-term counseling is needed and you want to use your insurance, please verify with the provider that they accept your insurance.

These provider partners are not available to residents.

Yes – you may use both programs for support, just off-campus partner visits are limited to eight per academic year.

Resources are provided free for TTUHSC El Paso students and residents as supported by the student Medical Service Fee or the Graduate Medical Education office.

Absolutely! Your use of any of the TTUHSC El Paso counseling options are private and professional.

Confidentiality is regulated by federal guidelines. Without your formal written permission to the specific provider, no information whatsoever is released concerning your use of these services or the nature of your concerns. Therefore, if you seek assistance on your own, your use of available mental health counseling will not become a part of your academic record, and it will not compromise your reputation or future opportunities.

The counselors available in the on-campus Student Support Center do provide sessions online. Inquire directly with third-party providers to learn if this feature available in their practice.