The Office of Faculty Development, provides a range of services with the mission to develop the Faculty of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso, services include:

  • Departmental Faculty Development –Provides both junior and senior Faculty with training in tools to educate, train, supervise, facilitate, mentor, and evaluate different levels of learners. Increase the efficiency of inter-professional education and networking between clinical, medical education and biomedical science Faculty.
  • Community Faculty Development - Providing free of charge faculty development courses and resources, as well access to the “Teaching Physician” web site, that allows participants to earn up to 40 hours CME credits.
  • Faculty Mentoring Program - Systematically pairs carefully selected and trained senior Faculty mentors with junior and early mid-career Faculty members for a yearlong period to provide the latter with advice, coaching, feedback and prepare them for promotion and/or tenure.
  • Writing Interest Group - The goals of the Writing Interest Group (WIG) is to increase the scholarly writing productivity of our Faculty. Two WIGs are held each calendar year, one in the spring and one in the fall.
  • PUDF Research Data - The office of Faculty development provides our Faculty, with an easy to follow process that grants them access to the Texas Inpatient Public Use Data File (PUDF). Data set is comprised of more than 8 million records, spanning years 2013, 2014. The main goal of this service, is to provide specific data sets, that will aid our Faculty with their research and scholarly activities.