Other Policies

Criminal Background Check

In order to provide a safe environment for patients, visitors, faculty, employees, and students at TTUHSC El Paso, criminal background checks were instituted as of September 1, 2006. Compliance with this policy is required of all entering students. Criminal background checks allow the university to evaluate whether TTUHSC El Paso students are qualified, eligible, and possess the character and fitness to participate in clinical care and/or clinical rotation sites at TTUHSC El Paso or affiliated institutions.

Admission of Disabled Students

A copy of the Standards for Curricular Completion will be provided to all applicants at interview and to all matriculants prior to orientation. A copy is also included in the Medical Student Handbook. An abbreviated version is posted on this web site. If a student is offered and accepts admission to the school of medicine the student must sign an acknowledgment that he or she has read and understands that the standards for curricular completion must be met, with or without accommodation.