Admission Requirements

Successful applicants for admission to TTUHSC El Paso Paul L. Foster School of Medicine must have completed an undergraduate curriculum and must have been awarded a baccalaureate degree or its equivalent before matriculation. Ninety semester hours, including all prerequisite courses must have been completed at a U.S. or Canadian accredited college or university.

The Prerequisite Courses Are:

Courses Hours
Biology 12 semester hours
Biology laboratories 2 semester hours
Biochemistry 3 semester hours
General chemistry with laboratories 8 semester hours
Organic chemistry with laboratories 8 semester hours
Physics with laboratories 8 semester hours
Statistics 3 semester hours
English 6 semester hours

TMDSAS Prescribed Course Listings by University

The required 3 semester hours of biochemistry may be used towards fulfilling the biology or chemistry requirement.

Grades of C or better are required for all prerequisite courses or AP credit.

Successful applicants also should have pursued a broad educational experience, including topics outside of chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics. Although PLFSOM has no prescribed course of study beyond the required courses identified above, the Admissions Committee will consider the breadth of the candidate’s educational experience in their determination of admission. Additional recommended courses include the following:

Humanities, social sciences, or behavioral sciences: 12 semester hours

Coursework in immunology, genetics and cellular/molecular biology is strongly encouraged.

Competence in spoken and written English will be necessary. A facility in conversational Spanish will be an advantage for students intending to remain in the southwest.

Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT)

The MCAT is also a requirement for admission. Information about the MCAT and registration for the exam can be accessed at


Applicants to the TTUHSC El Paso PLFSOM must successfully complete the CASPer test.


Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso Paul L. Foster School of Medicine can only review and consider for admission applicants who are U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents of the U.S.