Tactical Medicine

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The goal of the new TTUHSC El Paso tactical medicine team is to expand specialized pre-hospital care by working with local, state and federal law enforcement teams during hostile or dangerous situations.

The tactical medicine team is composed of emergency medicine specialists who conduct regular tactical-situation training with local and federal law enforcement agencies.

The tactical medicine team is made up of:

  • Dr. Russell Baker, D.O. – Assistant Professor, Fellowship Program Director
    • Board certified in emergency medicine and EMS, and a fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine.
    • Served on the tactical EMS team at the University of New Mexico.
    • Current medical director for the El Paso Fire Department, El Paso Police Department and U.S. Border Patrol (El Paso and Big Bend sectors).
    • Medical Director, Blue Origin, Fire Med Education Services.
    • Medical Director, EMTask Force-9 Texas.
  • Robert Root, D.O. – Assistant Professor, Fellowship Associate Program Director
    • Tactical Medicine Team Leader.
    • Board certified in emergency medicine.
    • Active-duty Army emergency medicine physician for seven years, with combat experience in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.
    • TCC Instructor.
  • Ryan Campbell, M.D. – Assistant Professor, Fellowship Associate Program Director
    • Supervise research for Tactical Medicine Fellowship.
    • Board certified in emergency and family medicine.
    • Certified EMT-tactical advanced.

Tactical team