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Inactive ICD-10 Codes

ICD-10 codes are modified for services rendered after October 1st each year. Billing Departments are required to verify the problems selected for billing by each provider as they may have become obsolete. Medical Coders are able to select the correct problem when processing office visit billing which will not change the patient’s problem list. In the event providers are advised of obsolete ICD-10 codes by the billing staff a modification would need to be completed to the patient’s problem list to avoid future use of the incorrect code for office visit billing and lab orders. GE Centricity EMR will alert providers of obsolete problems when modifying or adding a new problem with an identification of not billable after 10/1/2016.


Modifying a Problem
Changing the problem can be completed within a chart update. Select problems button to display the Problems list for the patient.

Select the problem desired to be changed and click Change.


Search for the problem using the Smart list. Select the new problem and click OK to save changes.


In case you missed it – Referral Management System (RMS) 3.0

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CSS Patient Surveys on Zero Clients

In efforts to continuously provide improved patient care, Patient Satisfaction Surveys are now available on Zero Clients upgraded to the new Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment. We encourage clinic staff to access the Patient Surveys on Zero Clients for faster and easier access. CSS Patient Surveys is available on the Useful Medical URLs folder located on the desktop. Contact the EMR Department for assistant on saving log in credentials.

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In case you missed it – Zero Clients- Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

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EMR Announcements

There are currently 0 EMR Announcement(s):
    • Please dial 215-4111 Option 3 to reach us.

    • To request to file an EMR document in error please send an e-mail to and append the document in EMR using the update named Request for Removal.

    • Newsletter feedback and/r requests can be submitted to:

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EMR Known Issues

There are 2 EMR Known Issues:
    • EMR Users who are missing icons when accessing a Zero Client should contact the EMR Department for assistance.
    • Duplicate HPI forms added to an office visit update will cause for current office visit HPI to not be visible in the note. Empty duplicate form will need to be removed before office visit is signed. Contact the EMR Department for assistance on removing the duplicate form.
    • To report any issues please e-mail us at or contact us at our new number 215-4111 option 3.
As always we are working to resolve these issues in a timely fashion and will keep you updated on their status.

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