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Ordering Labs – How to

This article will show you the process to place a new order outside of a General Visit update. Instructions are provided below for both Physician’s and CMA’s.

  1. Starting an Orders Only Update
  2. Locating Labs/Orders
  3. Assigning Diagnosis to Labs/Orders
  4. Reviewing Order details and Signing Orders

  1. Routing and Printing Orders from EMR-Link

Instructions for Providers

Starting an Orders Only Update

  1. Open the patient’s chart.
  2. Select the Update button.
  3. Choose the encounter type “Orders Only”.
  4. Enter a Summary for this update (Optional) & click OK (Required).

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Locating Labs/Orders

  1. Open the Orders windows by clicking on the Order's button in your action bar.
  2. Located the labs you need to order by selecting the appropriate check boxes. If you cannot locate the labs you need follow one of the following steps:
    1. Select a relevant custom list and browse the list for the labs available.
    2. Browse Orders/Labs under the Categories tab.

      To search for labs, Order Type should be set to Test and make sure the All radio button is selected for Orders in Category. Click Enter or double click on item to add to current Orders.
    3. Use the Search bar under the Search tab:

      To search for labs, Order Type should be set to Test.
      1. Click Search.
      2. Click Enter or double click on item to add it to your current Orders.

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Assigning Diagnosis to Labs/Orders

  1. Select the diagnosis from the Potential Diagnoses list.
  2. Assign a diagnosis to each order by clicking the button. If the diagnosis is not on the list add it by clicking New.

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Reviewing Order details and Signing Orders

  1. Enter any additional details (additional instructions and comments into their corresponding field) if needed.
  2. Modifiers may be associated by clicking the Add Modifiers button (Billing only).
  3. Make sure the Authorized By field contains the billing provider's name. If you are a mid-level provider working under a supervisor select your supervising provider on this field.
  4. Navigate the details for each order by using the Previous Order and Next Order buttons.
  5. When all details have been entered for all of the orders, click the Sign Orders button.
  6. Click End Update.
  7. Click Sign Document.

Sign Orders only when ALL order details have been entered for ALL Services, Tests, and Referrals ordered.

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Instructions for CMA's

Routing and Printing Orders from EMR-Link

  1. Go to the EMR-Link on your desktop or type on your web browser.
  2. Logon to EMR-Link using your credentials.
  3. Click on the Orders tab.
  4. Search for the patient at the screen below by typing his/her Last Name or ID.
  5. Click the Search button.
  6. Select the patient from the list.
  7. Select the orders by clicking on the appropriate test name.
  8. Select the service provider from the list. If the lab is going to Lab Corp select LC direct, if it's going to Quest select Quest, if it's going anywhere else including UMC select Other.
  9. Fill out any additional information at the bottom of the screen if required.
  10. Finalize order by sending and/or printing labels and/or requisitions.
    1. If order is going to Lab Corp or Quest select from Send Collected Specimen to Lab or Send Patient to Service Center and click on any other applicable checkboxes.
    2. If order is going to Other select appropriate options and Print Requisition or Label by clicking on the corresponding button.

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Medications and Problems Tip � Tip of the Week

Preloaded Medications and Problems need to be signed as clinical changes prior to the Clinical Visit. Otherwise at the time of the visit you will be unable to assess these problems.

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EMR Announcements

There are currently 4 EMR Announcements:
  1. We have identified a solution for the long printer names in EMR and are currently implementing it in hallway and patient room thin clients in Nurse Station B at Kenworthy. We will monitor this solution to ensure it's working properly over the next couple of days then implement it in Nurse Station A, C , and D. Until then Users in Nurse Station A, C and D will be unable to print from patient rooms.
  2. There is a new form named "Preventive Care-Male-CCC". Here you can document hemoccults, flix sigs, colonoscopies, and barium enemas. You can also use this form to document PSA/Immunizations/DEXA from an additional tab.
  3. There is another new form named "Preventive Care-Female-CCC". Here you can document the same items as "Preventive Care-Male-CCC" plus PAP/Mammo and Osteoporosis/HRT.
  4. There is a new Proxy box called "Department, EMR" to route unmapped lab results to. Any other requests need to go to your EMR clinic team and through the EMR request application.
Please do not route document deletion requests to the EMR staff directly. You may send these to . This allows us to better track and document new requests.

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EMR Known Issues

There is currently 1 EMR Known Issues:
  1. The Windows "login screen" appears inside your EMR windows after attempting to minimize EMR requiring you to log back in.
As always we are working to resolve these issues in a timely fashion and will keep you updated on their status.

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